HELP: Guides me how can i build Cosmic Orb like the wizard in image

I cant defeat this wizard use Cosmic Orb in any match. Some one can show me, how to build that set. Thank you alot :wink:

put mythstone gift wisdom clarity return on 4 slot socket mainhand wep… u can hunt it or use zircon to put 4 socket on the mainhand… once u put this mythstone … the mainhand will transform mythical gear … cosmic orb effect : 30% chance to cast cosmic orb 300% mh dmg

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Hic. Im a newbie, wished you can show me full build about Cheat, Hat, Ring, Amulet… I know how to add affix and socket mythic.

is that ok with this build? Mate

What the F

I think he may have mispelt chest?

Oh im sr. Chest.

No worries X)

this is my suggestion switch to poison build use set afix
defiant-dmg and dmg reduc
aftermath- if u go meteor shatter build
plague- multiply poison dmg
momentum-great dmg multiplier w/ ms
cosmic power- mana and regen multiplier for spellshield… good combi with druidic set afix which inc poison dmg base on hp and mp regen/4000

use 3x 15 movesped
use 3000 mp regen crystal affix if u use druidic set afix combin with plague and cosmic deals awesome dmg
u also need 30% crushing blow affix… really usefull around 800+ floors
use rage affix if u lack crit dmg
atleast 3x ed% and 3-4 elem crit dmg then add some 5000 ed … btw u dont ned to put 5000 wd on ur orb since u just use shatter for mobility and fear … ur main dmg will comeout from meteor and blight

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well for chest brutal can be good choice if u got 30% deadly strike crystal afix… but u can leave it blank… so that u can use that apace to put ruby afix or ed 5000 also for vanish in ur oh wep… i think it not good since u already have fear from shatter stun taunt from meteor … just dont craft it to mythic use the space using usefull afixes from ruby such as elemcritdmg … glasscanonn… movementspeed… etc

Show me the cheat build, please, @darellleyesa. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Lots of good builds here:

EDIT: I misspelled my joke… :sob:

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