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Ive been playing DQ for a monthā€¦still many things to know .Now what i nedd to know is how can i get pass mythic league, ivee been here for damn too long.i think its my gear set up that holds me down but dont know how to upgrade.and whats up with this BUILD things you all talked about.can anyone please talked some sense to mešŸ˜Š and how do i build?..please make it as simple as possibleā€¦ ThanksšŸ˜Š immm using WIZARD

you should invest crystals 1st before going to pvp it burns lots of crystals in pvp build set and also make some full ascension character to have decent hunting because pvp is fun you need tons of crystals

and make to floor 500 to farm crystals you need many many many :heart_eyes:

I played wiz in my first time on DQ and reached eternal league with a summon minion-apocalypse set and it was helpful for both pve and pvp.

Go to a corner. Then Farm Hard. Farm hard again. Farm Hard again and again and again till you haves thousands, uhm no, hundreds of thousands of crystals and millions or billions of golds then you can make anything you wantā€¦

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Playing floor 200+

Well, you asked us to make things simple and so will I. Try to have a build that both deals some decent dmg and has some sustain/dosenā€™t die easly. Simple! :grin: @CuzegSpiked This guy can help you more than anyone here I guess.

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PvP nowadays is like a ferocious animal that will gonna eat anytime even you have the strongest, toughest build still you have the weakest part. The best thing you can do for now is just enjoy farming first. Everyday new builds are popping at players mind. Everyday someone is gonna do anything to take top 1. Every single day someone is farming hard becauseā€¦The New Patch is coming. :joy:


when is the new patch? :heart_eyes:

Good question.
Looks like @marwinberna has some privileged info and may answer it.

I guess soon enough.

CV will gonna be nerf again and again and again. Ha Ha Ha. :joy:

Uncertain on the next patch update. Hopefully, it should not be much longer until it is ready for release. :crossed_fingers:

at least a week until the next stability patch. we have a bunch of moving pieces here at SBHQ that are pulling us in different directions and a few of us are out to take care of some personal things.

We support u sir tdaniel! I hope the next patch will be an even better one!

excited to the next patch update :heart_eyes: more powers to the DQ developer, MOD,Tester.