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so,dodge affix works with pathfinder set…so what works with block affix

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Warrior basically :no_mouth:

Warrior Talent Tree To Be More Specific!


wow…ive never notice that…thanks

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Bulwark Talent which increases block chance after you Successfully blocked. Salvation talent reduces dmg taken by % of block. Then crush talent to increase shield dmg by a % of block.

Bulwark 20, increase 10% block for 5 seconds on block. Salvation, reduces dmg by 20% of block. Crush, increase shield dmg by 100% of block.

If 45% block added, then crush would mean shield dmg increased by 45%. Salvation would mean 9% dmg reduce in PvE and bulwark increasing the block chances by +10% so you would have 55% block once you successfully block.

Shield does have 10% block which is added once you equip it though so its more like 55% block once you added 45% block so really 55% dmg increase from crush 20 talent for shield which is large. Shield builds like bash and in general can be quite interesting for dmg at close range but also blocking often.


Thx, i dont have the patience to explain, im lazy :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:



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Nice name zomboy

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Is a new build that im making test’s :wink:!


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@CuzegSpiked you feel like my old maths teacher at school lol

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if you have Reflect Damage affix, and the Redirect Mythic on your Necklace, every time you Dodge or Block, you can Reflect Damage without having to get hit, with +100% damage to Reflect Damage if reflected by Dodge or Block. the Mirrored Mythic on your Chest increases Reflect Damage by your Block %.


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That’s a good point to bring up and it’s quite awesome. If Mirrored Mythic is multiplicative, even better but I think it was additive before for some reason. Multiplicative makes reflect deal much better dmg.

Theres also the Counter Talent on rogue where dodged attacks deal 4% reflect dmg per rank to an enemy. 80% reflect dmg dealed. If you have very high dodge, this can happen often. reflect talent on warrior is chance to reflect on block also at 4% per rank or 80% chance at 20.

Manashield and Shieldwall both have OH% reflect dmg. 200% OH reflect on Manashield, 400% on shieldwall.

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