Help. I'm somehow being league demoted even though I haven't lost battles yet

Yup, everytime I face cyantific, I keep being demoted. I think he’s using some hack which makes it seem like that to me. Got so far to rare league. I guess that’s the power of kiters. You win but they make it so you seem like you lost or something. I mean cyantific was definitely a cheater and that’s no secret.

Stopped at 2169 ratings and when I gained ratings, no gain.

I keep winning but I keep dropping leagues and not gaining anymore ratings. Also I lost ratings somehow. How does that work!? I got demoted to mythic , rare, epic, legend and stopped at 2169 ratings somehow and then lost ratings. How does that work? I’m still at eternal league Division 1, 1st place though but I’m confused.

I looks like you are in the normal league.

I can double check if you like, just PM me your DQ Account email address.

all of us is having the same problem sir

Tried arena just now .I got this after winning the match

I surely dont have any network connection issues or whateever

Update: I’ve tried 3 more matches same result

Oh so it’s not just me. It’s everyone. well I quit arena for a while until this problem is fixed. I won the arena anyways.

looking into it!


thanks for the action!

Matches should be resolving properly now.

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I know that when you get this message, regardless of match outcome, it counts as a loss. It happens to me all the time on account of connection issues although you don’t have that problem