HELP! Immortal build regen/dmg reduc


Can anyone help me to build this immortal. Advice regen and dmg reduction please.



Im still wondering about immortal gears. Should i focus on regen or dmg reduction


Both :innocent:!


The immortal build of mr scooty has low regen. Itry to add some regen but sacrificing some dmg reduction. Some gears wont fit as what im needed. As i see immortals on youtube the regen is so fast and so hard. I want to get that same idea


You know what is mana absorb? When @Mr_Scooty takes damage, is hp for hem, black magic trasform dmg taken in hp basicly, you whant hight regen? Well you can make a build for that but black magic is a all new level i tell you that!


If u want regen… try druidic bonus, or legend regenation affix,


Mana absorb converts to mana only. If he has a harmony it will work but his build has none. LOL


@Zxxcvv Interesting… You understand Alchemy mythic? Yes… That’s a rhetorical question.


:thinking::thinking::thinking:, for he make this question clearly he dont know how it works!


I guess there are some people who are like me, they read the build, and we think we understand it. then we play with builds like it, or make builds with parts of the build we read, and then we really understand it, because we see it in action. kind of a hands on learning experience. I’m actually the type of person who utilizes both ways of learning, reading and hands on. nothing like a hands on experience to reinforce the experience from reading. nothing like experience from reading to reduce mistakes from hands on experience. :books: x :crossed_swords: = :mortar_board:.


Your point of view is understood @Golem. It can be conceptually difficult to take the risk when the mechanics are not fully understood. I do not believe you or 99% of the other players would post supercilious remarks. Alchemy makes your resource system MP/HP… MP Absorb will fill up your MP/HP. You do not need any Traditional Regen OR Harmony mythic for the build to work. Please let me know if I did not make that clear enough in the Immortal Build Reveal post.


Yes master. i know alchemy. The only thing on my mind is mana absorb fills the mp but the hp wont coup that much to match the recovery of hp which makes the immortal build not so immortal. In short the mp can recover but hp cant do as much as that absorb. I want a immortal that is immortal never die :angel::slight_smile: Hindi makasabay sa regen ng mp yung regen ng hp kaya nagiging vulnerrble yung immortal


Ok. Good luck with that goal. :four_leaf_clover:


I will remenber you that exists demonic affix and gladiator affix​:expressionless::expressionless:!


Alchemy and harmony mythics. Sureshot mythic too. Equality,permafrost and druid are good sets. Then check out @Mr_Scooty build.


What is double mitigate affix?


There you go​:wink:, study hard, :muscle:Play hard, everything you need to know about this patch​:innocent:!


Regen immortal type just add . permafrost bonus . hahaha :joy: but in round 8 and up ur regen is totally useless


Yea. Totally. Permafrost bonus + alchemy + high reduction is enough.