Help - inf damage

so do we remember those builds a while ago at floor 16k+? where crushing blow did so much damage that instead of 25% of enemy hp, it broke the game and insta-killed

do we have any idea how high those numbers need to get before it finally says “INF”?

the highest I’ve ever seen is 7 digits next to the B (not including the decimal)

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maybe something like the numbers for Highest Floor on the Leader Boards?

aren’t there some old posts from the early days when players got insane high damage, something like the Quintillions or Octillions with some of the Green Garden Builds before the bugs got fixed, or some of the Frozen Set crazy damage explosions?


ahh yup, I found this on green garden, unfortunately it doesnt look like I’ll be able to achieve what was crossing my mind… was worth an ask… although I’m still satisfied with the old triple element build I had
Crushing Flames(5) hireling,
with a Frozen(5) Ice OH & Electrocution(5) Shock main attack

yeah, that was before the fix. I think the bug was each Poison Toxic was able to have a chance to cause Toxic, so the numbers got insanely high with high Elem. Crit. Builds.

I see it on my Arcanist
my dmg nominal is always more than 7 white digit numbers,is this normal? or is my build really over power?

But calculaet is M,not B dmg in white number

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that’s 6.9 octillion normal damage.

the teal numbers, being either Crushing Blow/Flames or Deadly Strike, are doing 12 or 54 octillion.

you may think it might be over powered, but I think you just have a great build. I want my heroes to do that kind of damage!