Help! level 92

Hey guys. I read some guides that some veteran players advice that use a map with large pack size for leveling. But I couldn’t handle that difficulty. I am level 92 Rogue. I am farming at 181 to 200 floor, legend difficulty. I also have this mythic hunter ring but those epic mobs dont drop anything. And the fucking Thorn Mobs are annoying. I always die.

I suggest you lower the difficulty (if you’re grinding mythic 3) you go down with atleast Mythic 1. That would helps so you won’t get hard-pressed.

Bro but the Exp, item drop ,luck and gold will go low too. Is that okay?

You can’t have it all:)

Look at it this way. If you keep dying over and over again, you still loose gold, and the efficiency of exp/items/anything related to killing mobs is lowered also.
Don’t worry - at some point you’ll get a build that can handle it all, but to begin with, you’ll have to find a balance between difficulty and kill-speed that you can handle.
The highest possible difficulty where you can still kill mobs in 2-4 hits max, is what I’m, aiming for.
Along the way you’ll get drops that can help you optimize your build.


About thorned mobs - they kill everyone sometimes.
There are probably plenty of tips and tricks regarding thorned mobs, that I don’t know about, but a good thing to have in mind is that the thorned effect cannot kill you.
It can take you to 1hp, but you won’t die. It takes a “normal” hit for that to happen. That was usefull info for me at least;)