Help me build dagger and bow (fire element set)

I already have nadroji ring and amulet and efficient stones and crystals

if your gonna build fire. just follow the usual build for bow
momentum, inferno, defiant, pathfinder, rage, adventurer

for dagger - ninja, overload(if ur a bit tanky), momentum, terashaper, vamparic touch(if u build semi tank), adventurer

crystal affix
dodge , crit , crit dmg, cd reduc(for perma stealth), deadly strike , hp ( if u build tanky)

legend affix
multi attack(4) elemcrit dmg, elem crit
glasscannon(if u build all in dmg)
100%Wd on mh wep
100% ED on armors
ignore resist

mythic chest : raptured or brutal or skilled
resourse system mythic u can use: energy, fury(if u gona use barbarian affix), bloodmagic

just add other stuff dat u prefer and usefull

I like your suggestion … Then how about the skill build? :smile:

@Nickstarr if ur gona do bow build lvl 20 guidedshot and stealth and dexterity. add +5 all skill on both weapon (using elexir) stealth will be ur main survival

if u go dagger just max quick attack ur choice if u want to max or lvl 1blinkstrike

if you wna be like yunero in dota2 wna do unli blinkstrike use discordance resource mythic

u can also put 2xbomb proc so dat even ur using stealth as ur oh special u can cast bomb which blind enemies in da area good combined with darkness talent(inc dmg to blinded) opponent

pve or pvp?

Hmmm hybrid …

doing a hybrid build pve 500+ floor and for pvp just enough to climb at eternal

@Eater do you have some suggestions?

you can try some builds here