Help me build my warrior

background: This is the first game of this type that I’ve ever played. I don’t understand each of the elements, enchants, etc.

I’ve been choosing items based upon value (price) mostly. I favor DPS over most anything else.

I PREFER the axe for MH and horn for OH, although I’m not using that combo at the moment.

I’m level 97, power 189, health 109, mana 5.

I have screenshots, but when I try to upload a .png file, nothing seems to happen. I’ll try a zip and see what happens.

As for element check this post here.
Enchant means add or remove an affix using CS/MS

Hmm, I don’t think this is a good way to decide which one is better. My method so far is put it on and see the actual damage and then jump to the conclusion :wink: