Help me easily die at any floor and only have minimum damage

Can anyone suggest me good build for fast farming at floor 500 this is my noob build.

To have Nadjori bonus if you want to have it 6.

To have your hireling with you.

To have epiphany on both main and hireling

To have maximum luck 1035% and drop rate 350%

To have all the pick up range, killing speed, moving speed as high as you can.

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you only need 1 Ignore Resist on your Equipment. the extra one isn’t doing anything for your Build.

on one of your Blights that isn’t +100%, replace it with a Legend +400% Explosive affix.

change your Focus Talent to Sorcery. this will increase the damage of your Poison DoT by +100%. since Toxic damage is based on Poison DoT, and Blight damage is based on Toxic Damage, that’s a lot of extra damage.

change your Continuity Talent to Magnify. this will increase the area of your Toxic clouds, TimeWarp bubble, and Legend Explosive affix. not to mention the AoE of your Teleport. if you don’t want Magnify, use Bewilder instead for 30% chance to Stun enemies with each Bolt of Barrage.

change your Wizardry Talent to Amplify. you already have Legend +30% Elemental Crit. with the high speed attack of Barrage, you don’t really need more Elemental Crit. this will also give you +40% damage to all enemies with Poison DoT.

take off the Pick Up Radius and AOE range and replace them with Epic +15% Attack Speed. Wand APS is 2.5 x 1.3 Attack Speed x Barrage 20’s 1.5 = 4.875 APS.

replace the +5000 Weapon Damage on the Wand with a Legend +2 Multi Attack.

have at least 60 Stat Points in Power, or your Wand wont be able to do much damage.

since you don’t have any defense, you need to move around or Teleport a lot to keep enemies from attacking you while you are shooting Barrage for 1-3 seconds in between your moving around to stay alive.

this will improve your Build by causing more damage to kill monsters faster. with Bewilder you can Stun your enemies with Barrage so they can’t attack you.

hope this helps a little.


This helps me a lot thank you bro

if you are using Taunt on your OH & Storm on your MH, it’s better to use Staff or Gauntlet, as those have a higher base damage than Wand. and if you are using those Skills as your main attack, Cool Down is better to use than Attack Speed. if you are using Barrage for extra high speed DPS while your Storm & Taunt are damaging monsters, then you need about +30% to 45% Cool Down and the same for Attack Speed.

a little fun note: for every 10 Skill Points you put into Storm, you get an extra attack per second from the Hit Frequency. and since Storm lasts for 5 seconds, Storm 40 gives you an Attack Frequency of 8 per second, for 40 attacks to anything in the range of the Storms AoE, if they don’t die first, or get knocked out of the Storms AoE.

Haha why would you want to die? Sneaky masterplan :thinking:

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I think he meant that he dies a lot (low defense/health) because his low damage allows all the monsters to attack him a lot before he/they eventually die. :headstone:

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