Help me for my warrior farming build

Hey guys help me to build or let me copy some of warrior farming build I prefer the lance for MH and doesn’t matter what OH should I use. I’m suck at building my own build and I don’t wanna waste another lots of crystal and mythstone :sob::pleading_face:

in that case, you should first do a Search for Farm Builds and see what would work with your Warrior Farmer. that way, you will see what others are using and not waste time making mistakes.

I’ve seen lots of build and idk if it still working because of the patch idk if they got nerf or something

well, let us know which build it is, and we/I might be able to tell you what’s changed.

for example, a lot of early builds used the +5000 Element Damage because only a few Items had the +100% ED. as more Legend Items were introduced to DQ with +100% ED, higher damage was possible compared to using +5000 ED affixes.

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Better to have your question more specific. What do you really want to farm?

Before I start, you need to have 6 perks, hireling slot and all the bags slot.

  1. Experience farming
    Farm at Act 3 floor maps with pack size. Set your hireling as the killer. Try to put some dps on your hireling, but don’t be stubborn for high dps. Because all the mobs are easy to kill. Save your resources.
  2. Stones, gold, dusts farming
    Farm at act 3 floor 180-200. Buy maps with pack size. Keep your hireling almost the same as before, but you need max the luck, gold find, item drop on your hireling, also with epiphany.
    Set your main with max luck, gold find, item drop. Also with epiphany, crystallize, eternalize. Nadroji bonus.
    Use hoard pet on both your characters.
    Salvage all the red item to dusts, convert all the green and blue items to stones.
  3. Rare item farming.
    Farm at Act 3 floor 1000+. Again you don’t need too much dps. Floor 1000+ is hard, but not that hard.
  4. Pet farming.
    Farm at Act 3 floor 400+.
    Once again, no much dps needed.
  5. Floor climbing.
    Use the CF+ Frozen combo to bring you to infinite floor, no dps needed.

In conclusion, dps in this game pve is no much needed. Don’t waste your resources on that. Especially at the beginning of the game. Since you have enough resource, that’s different story. You can do whatever you want with that.

Luck 1015%, gold find 1015%, item drop 350%


How about combining the 2 and 3 options that you gave to me… I need lots of crystal and mythstone for the future if I’m going to make my very own build

There are only few set affix require Act 3 floor 1000. Only if you really need to unlock those, you can just farm stones at 180-200. As it’s much easier. You can simply one shot kill everything with about 10 million dps. Also floor 180-200 have lots more enemies on the map compares to floor 1000+.
More enemies means more items and stones dropped.

Convert the green and blue items to crystal stone. It will give you the top 6 stones, which is much more efficient than dropping the stones.

For mythic stone, you can always get them back by using garnet.



There are still some affix I can change and make it better. But for floor 200 farming, it’s good enough currently. Further changes can only make it look better, but not more efficient.


Thank you for the item build I’ll copy this warrior farming build to farm lots of crystal, legend and eternal items❤️