Help me I'm new

So I just played this game again. I played this game when I was a kid and I enjoyed it, so today I just got back and I need help to how I can build my warrior character.

(Pls help me I really need it, ty in advance).

just hack and slash with the different weapons as you get them. this way you can get a feel for how the different Skills work. Warriors start with Sword (Flurry and Throw Sword) and Shield (Bash and Shield Wall). having a Shield lets the Warrior start with both +10% Dodge (All Characters) and +10% Block (Warriors only).

do a Search :mag: for beginner or noob advice and for Warrior Builds.

read the Codex.

put Stat Points into each of Power, Health, and Mana as you level up. Warriors get extra Armor for each Point put into Health.

pay attention to how the affixes on your Items affect your play. later in the game, you can customize your Items with affixes you want instead of just using items with random affixes.

read the Codex.

Search :mag: the DQ Forums. there is a lot of information here. I’ve read a lot of the Forum and have learned a lot…

putting Hero Points into Weapon Skills makes your Skills more powerful, or utility Skills (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Fortune) which improves other areas of gameplay.

finding a Pet will give you 6 more affix slots. it costs 5 crystals for every crystal used. if you needed 5 attempts to change your Pets Element from Fire to Ice, it will cost you 25 Calcite.

when you find Crystals, you can start using them to modify Items to have the affixes you want. Legend Items are easier to use for Crafting that Normal, Magic, Rare, or Epic Tier Items. here :arrow_down: is a post showing about 99% of what the restrictions are for some crystals.

here is a post that shows which crystals can be used on Pets and Eternal Items/Pets.

read the Codex?

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