Help me improve my boomerang buid please

im new in this forums(newly sign up but been reading a lot ) but
been playing this game for a month, maybe above 2 or 3months (sorry i cant remember).
after reading and reading and reading in forums i came up with this PvE build for boomerang,
any suggestion to make the damage higher? in one throw of boomerang i can do billion, probably around 150m is lowest and around 6-9B is highest, im just curious if i can change affix to improve my gears and deal damage higher than that.


im not chakram user so for that i can’t give any recommendation of what is good for chakram build. But for sure u need to change talent on necklace. u have 2 crystal affix deadly strike. u have max cap of deadly strike already [60%] so adding dead eye is a waste. maybe change to something useful

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Oh yeah i forgot that one -.- ( result of not sleeping just to play DQ, very addictive game )
BTW thanks for reminding me.

Please change title so people know what this is (chakram build) :slight_smile: Do you use this on your main only or does it also work on hireling?

Change necklace talent to Ambush :smiley:

Done :smile: sorry for that, this works for hireling, and if you use it for hireling i think just make sure ur main is semitank/tank build :smiley:

Yah already did :smiley: i just forgot to change amulet talent while doing screenshot sorry for that :smile:

Is this mainly for a hireling or you’re also using this for solo runs? Because ‘high voltage’ seems useless if your main doesn’t have paralysis or elem. critical affix (which you lack in your build). :sweat_smile:

Well this build dont care about what element is in use even if i change to other element it still do the same damage, i just like to see it in shock element :smile:
But thanks for that :slight_smile: ill change that one into something if i decided to stick with this element :smiley:

remove the extra attack chace on your mainhand and put Endow and put it in your off hand

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Thanks for that sir :smiley:

anyway if u want to keep that 100% high voltage. make sure your main toon have stun skill so when main toon stun enemy your hireling can get bonus damage boost to stunned enemy/monster.

There is alot playstyle when u have 2 toon (main and hireling)
U can make
Eth eth

there is alot choices. u just need to be creative on that

Does eac on OH affect MH? Also, does WD on OH affect MH attacks at all?

Yes, it affects Mainhands primary skill even if EAC affix is on other gears.
WD only affects the weapon it is on

Eac only affects primary? Not secondary or offhand attacks?

EAC is for all primary skills. so if you have EAC on your offhand and EAC on your ring it will apply to both weapons.

All primary but not secondary? Is that how multi attack works too? How does discordance factor in?

This is very good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, just primary skills. Same with multi attack - just primary skills. I personally havent tried discordance = (

EAC and MultiAttack only give effect to primary. and exception for discordance, it effect secondary in term of damage not in multiplying projectile count .

Noted sir!
thanks btw :smile:

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