Help me perfect this weapon

I have a Vacuus Scipio I’ve been using for its high weapon damage, and haven’t wanted to risk ruining it with an unlucky crystal roll. I’ve been hunting for a spare scipio that I could use as a crafting target, and found the next best thing. A berserker’s cleaver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So, it currently has

Berserker, 41.8% Barbarian, 100% weapon damage, 8.2% bleed chance, 12.7% attack speed, socket

For a plague build (currently have the set bonuses for: Plagued, Pathfinder, Nadroji, Inferno, Crystalline) how should I try to get my “cleaver” looking? What’s the stat priority, like WD% > Ele% > +5000 WD > +5000 EleD > (Some set affixes) > so on and so forth. I already have crystal affixes on other gear for CDR, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage (actually have two, unfortunately)

It if you want too maximize damage output the weapon should look like [Set affix you want, Crytstal affix you want/mythic affix, WD%, Barbarian, WD% mythstone, +5000 WD] :smile:

You might find this useful when deciding whether to use +WD WD% +ED ED%

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