Help me please guys

Can you help me on my items. About my stuff.
On my MH,OH,Head,chest,amulet,ring.
What should I remove on that?.
And what should I add on that?

Can you make a list? So that I can follow that.

And also how to get elemental dmg on items. I mean. Its always randon on TOPAZ Stone. Its hard for me to get elemental dmg.

Thanks a lot. Sorry I cant reply on my post bcoz I already reach the max reply.

thanks guys.

the forum is not only me and vicbot lol. i mean there still alot player here. i suggest u change that topic name and wait for the help coming. currently im doing some other thing, i mean im on my crafting season. so i cant mixing thing up for now.


Check these out

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Get your item quality to 25% with emerald. Then it will improve your chance on the affix you want.
Im still learning the game but we are glad to help.

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BTW the forum have a lot of helpfull info , just gotta search for them . @mimi

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Update…i put glasscanon on my this working or not?