Help me please! I was moved

Last night

Who can tell me why? My items are normal! Please,I want to go home :sob:

@Refia @cronos4321
I need help :cry:

Your AI affect your score as well. This is normal.

I think he means he was changed to cheaters league. Notice it is eternal.

I think both photos are the normal Eternal League.

i can understand if u mention tester/mod/or even dev. i just dont understand why u mention me, lol im just normal, regular player. anyway i notice after looking on your screenshot pic and refer to current ranking (using my acc) there no such player on ranking lol. u were moved to cheat/hack league, basically u need to mail support for help if u are not cheater but if u are cheater then don’t waste your time to mail them, all cheater will be moving there permanently.

I guess chino13 and FATE-WEI were moved recently because they were at the top with Cuzeg in his most recent post.

thank you :heart_eyes: How to mail support for help?I am not cheater,maybe just appear too soon in the top league.I wear rubbish after climbing to face some mythic player to get some idea from them.Im afraid the rubbish item make system regards me as a affix cheater.My English is so poor as a chinese,sorry :laughing:

Hey! Just contact the support please:

Thank you :relaxed:I met you in the arena,the hardest warrior ever fighted!

When you became top player the next time you open your account your in cheat league?

Yes,after sleep.I wear rubbish at that time.

I don’t think so, Division 1 is legit

You mean ur rank was moved? Even you are not online your character will fight other characters so ur rating will be affected. It Depends in your AI setting

Very sorry about my poor English,I mean I was put in the cheater league,be BAN. But I am normal player.Maybe some items from old version trigger the cheating testing system.

Well, you Better Contact:

In my Timezone its 9:09 pm. So you will be expecting a reply in support after 12 midnight and so on…

In my Time Zone.

I don’t Know Your’s… Lol

So Better email your report now and it will fix ASAP.