Help me! Please

Can I ask everyone? I have no idea how to get or wher to farm eternal set any suggestion?

Tyere are plenty of post I suggest search for them. But here is a answer from my own experience. Get items with eternallized green affixes. I only have a helm with The max 5. Meaning (5)eternallized. But do some searches an look around in the forum is your best bet.

This is probably the best post on eternals. Not much more to tell except to use gear with the set affix Eternalized.

this is my set up. But I tell yea them percentages don’t seem to help that much. Had this set up for a few days an I only seen 2 eternals. An 2 Crystal gears.

Eternals are really rare drops. Just kill mobs as much as you can, as fast as you can. Pack size on maps helps. Eternalized/Crystalline helps too, its just that the base chance of eternal items dropping is really low. Same goes for crystal gears. Even rarer are crystal eternals and eternal pets :smiley:

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