Help me Senpaiii

How to find defiant set…I cant find it in m3 3k floor
sorry im newbie

Defiant set is at floor 200. Keep spamming floor 200 with your farm build (particularly defeat as many epic enemies from shrines, pools and killing enslavers and or cartographers).

200 or 2000?


use nadroji, item drop, luck spam floor 200

ok…ty senpaii

I only have 1 nadroji…that item is so difficult to find

yes its hard to find that item just spam floor 200 m3 and kill epic enemy for a chance btw what kind of defiant you are farming?

Luck ?

I want to try that build…but it’s hard to find that defiant

and that imune afix…I use my ruby and I only get ignore resist

Inferno and overload isnt pvp wise trust me. :wink:

show your pvp build

And those crystal affixes aren’t synchronized. You also should consider putting some health points affixes or any hp boosters

Aaaaand, dont forget to choose right mythic skills esp. Weapons and on chest.
hmm I’ll give you some starter pvp build later.

yes ty

Immune affixes have changed to resist. Frozen resist turned into Frozen Resist, Shock immune turned to shock resist, blind immune turned into blind resist and you get the idea. Also they vary in percentages so you have to keep rerolling for 100% stun resist for example (60% stun resist it comes as in PvP which means 60% of time they’re immune to stun and 40% of the time, vulnerable to stun).

well about the hachet defiant is a real hard item to farm but if you have other defiant is fine but you need to adjust the build to fit that item you will replace

ok ty for info

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