Help me start farming crystal and eternal items

eternal can double the affix but cannot be edit

Yes. They have 50% quality too which means double affixes. That means for eg 100% blight turns in 200% blight, 5000 weapon dmg turns to 10k weapon dmg and so on. Ofc they can’t be edited majorly. Only edits you can do is change their class, change item nature and change talents as well as change elements.

You can’t level them up because it kills the grinding to floor 500 push for eternals lvl100 where they’re available. At floor 2000 or 1000 or whatever it is, at level 1, you can buy level 100 eternals guaranteed with level 1 hirling or main but you need a decent amount of farm affixes on the lvl100 character.

Eternals like fabled blade/staff/ chakram and unreal hood are very good because you can add mythics on them and epic affixes that are 2x better.

You can use garnet to remove mythstones in socketed eternals though which is good and you can add epic affixes to eternals like fabled weapon and unreal hood. They are very hard to find though so you will be extremely lucky to find them.

thanks guys… one last question… is it normal to have the floor 300 lance that has eternalized set. even if im just on floor 58?? but when i check it on the codex . there is no mark on it like the others that i have looted…

sometimes it has a random drop at any floor

Before version 2.1 it was very common in lower floors

Can I roll prismatic on any piece of gear using citrine crystal?

You can only get prismatic on wizard amulet and no other class. It is exclusive to amulet and wizard class.

Ascendant is a good subsitute to prismatic though and can be better with that arcane effect. I do think the arcane effect should be something else because reducing resists seems useless if you already have ignore resist. It’s ok and goes well with amplify at least.

Imo arcane should have current shock ability while shock should have a chance to stun

but there is stun immune

But chance to stun is still more useful than arcane “chance” to do nothing. In my opinion affixes with stun/frozen etc immunes should be removed and add the crowd control resistance. For example 25% affix crowd control resistance will lower the duration of cc by 25%. The cap could be ~75%. All this while also maintaining the current dimnishing returns to prevent players from stun others all the time without ability to defend.

Imo, arcane should have a wrath like effect. Any enemies around you get wrath with arcane on them. This can be good for ascendant.

Also for a buff, celestial should deal increased dmg to arcane wrathed enemies by % as well as elemental orb increased dmg by %. Arcane orb already does 200 % weapon dmg but with those buffs, it can go very high. Celestial at 600 % should make arcane orb deal 7x more dmg which means 200 % × 7 = 1400 % dmg. The orb can deal nice dmg but it’s the accuracy issue. Although wih the new effect of celestial that I suggested, it would be 1400 % × 7 = 9800% dmg. That’s the orbs dmg but the other attacks won’t deal that big a dmg with a new buff like that.

It does sound op but in comparison to blistering,high voltage, blight and frostbiting, not even close.

Fire dot deals 80% dmg in 2 seconds. With inferno, that is doubled to 160%. In 0.5 seconds, it would deal 40% dmg as fire dot. Immolate would deal 100% of it so it becomes 80% dmg.

With 600% blistering, the bleed will deal 600% of that 80% dot in half a second. This means 80% × 7 = 560% bleed dmg. That combined with the 40% immolate and 40% fire dot in 0.5 seconds and you see just how powerful fire is. That’s only the beginning of it too. It’s already far more powerful than arcane without wrath and that. Add vampiric touch,crits and stuff to the mix and you get more powerful.

Blight is very good but thats because of other things like plagued, druidic and poison cloud as well as absurdly high dmg.
Poison dot deals 10% in 1 second out of 8 seconds. Poison cloud deals 400% of that 10% so that becomes 440% dmg. With blight 600%, thats 440% ×7 = 3080%
With druidic at max regens without epiphany, 3080% × 15= 46200% dmg poison dmg. Now don’t even get me started with plagued.

With 20 monsters in poison cloud plagued effect, 46200% × 2500% = 115000% poison dmg. This is only in 1 second as well. Green garden is super powerful. Also this is way before any buffs from crit dmg and stuff like that. What’s more is that you can easily repeat the dmg when possible. Goes good also with fester.

Frostbiting and frozen is good but not as powerful as plagued but still extremely powerful. You still need extremely high dmg before it gets multiplied by frostbiting and frozen. With frozen, the frostbiting spikes as many times as frozen explodes.

Here just one example from hachimon:

800% * 105% ST Heroic = 1640%
1640% * 50% GlassCannon = 2460%
2460% * 50% Momentum = 3690%
3690% * 20% Zealous = 4428%
4428% * 25% Defiant = 5535%
5535% * 100% Energy = 11070%

◆SwordThrow on Encased Monster (Frozen)
11070% * 600% Frostbiting
= 77490%

◆SwordThrow Spike Damage (Crit & Deadly)
Critical Hit 77490% * 350%
= 348705%
Deadly Strike 348705% × 3 (Brutal)

With one frozen explosion, 1046115% × 2.25 = 235375875% dmg and thats just one frozen explosion after such high dmg. Then frostbiting spikes again. Obviously, if you deal few billion dmg, thats massive with frozen to make it better.

Shock, yes it is less powerful than the others but still much more powerful than arcane by a longshot because apart from the orb, arcane feels underpowered. Arcane is too reliant on the orb or having ascendant to deal good dmg. I can deal ok dmg at floor 1k with arcane but it’s much easier with other elements.

Shock has the stack debuff. With 600% high voltage, that would be 1.5 × 7 = 1050% dmg. Also thats before you count crit dmg, set dmg, etc etc. Shock enemies get paralysed too which makes things that much easier too. Shock on its own is pretty competitive in the end game if you know what to do and it’s good at multiplying bleed dmg too. That’s why it’s good with fire. The fire speeds up bleed dmg by inferno and shock paralyses as well as multiplys with stack debuff. bleed multiplies by high voltage and stack debuff too. This is a big deal because with 1B dmg per second, that can get multiplied to higher dmg per second drastically.

Poison with bleed is an ok combo because you can get bleed from bleed chance to deal that huge poison dmg if possible but it’s not always necessary.

Arcane is so much less powerful than all the other elements and needs a big buff to be more comfortable to use for end game.

Edit: I forgot to mention that shock is still good for multiplying bleed even without blistering. See redrum warrior or Godwarth Build.

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This isn’t the most accurate description I make but I tried my best. I think you get the point about arcane.

i get your point well explain for me
that math explanation :smile:

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I need to find obsidian. At what difficulty and floor will they drop?

At floor 500+ m3 you get the highest crystal rarity but even then obisidian is really rare.
Imo best way to get it is by converting crystal and eternal legends.


Thanks dust. Looks like I’m finally understanding how to efficiently grind.

Currently, I need more gold find.

What I’ve been doing is using Kyanite to remove an affix and Angelite to ad affix and hope it rolls as gold find.

Is there a better/faster/easier way of getting a gold find affix?

Finding items with gold find. Or reroll one epic affix to gold find.

So any epic affix has a chance to reroll a gold find?
Or is it only certain ones?

Yes with sapphire crystal you can reroll any normal or epic affix into gold find.

I just added about 130% gold find to my hireling’s items but don’t see an increase in my stats page. Still at 291%. Why is that?