Help me start farming crystal and eternal items

Hi guys. I’m new. And have been reading the forums. Lots of good info but a bit disconnected from the beginning stages of building. I guess I’ll ask1-2 questions at a time to keep it simple.

With my current gear I have no affixes or sets or skills that help with farming. I am able to easily clear act 4 floor 120ish or so.

  1. Do I use crystals to re-roll one affix that I don’t care about on my current gear in hopes for a farming affix? If so how?

  2. I find farming gear all the time, but it will make me weaker. How do I stay above floor 100 and use farming gear?

  1. If you mean change it into another affix, then yes, use larimar or sapphire to turn epic/normal affix that you don’t want into the affix that you want in hopes for farming.
  2. For farming gear, since it makes you weaker at floor 100, I suggest you try lower difficulties and farm there. Try packsize maps too for more loot as well and add farm affixes along the way as well as dps affixes to balance itself out to farm on that difficulty.

Here’s an example of my gear that I like most affixes but want to change some.

So if I don’t need the AoE range or +3 elementalist, I could use the suggested crystals to re-roll those to a “% luck” and “+3 fortune”??

I would recommend you using the kyanit or how its called to remove the affix u dont want and then u can use these methods:
1)Use the Tropaz to get an epic affix and reroll it with the saphire-crystal untill u get the luck/goldfind bonus
2)The second method is cheaper just use the crystal which adds a normal or epic affix if u get a normal remove the affix again an try it again until u get an epic affix and then use the saphire-crystal again till you get the goldfind/luck affix

So to clarify, is it possible to remove the red ones or only only the orange?

U can remove set affixs (green) and legendary(red) affixs or below legendary with the kyanite :wink:

Oh ok. So I remove the legendary (red). Then i will need a ruby to add another legendary otherwise I’ll have to use a topaz for epic or lairmar for norm/epic?


Can more than one affix be the same? For example I rolled 54% luck on a ring. Can another affix also roll as luck?


As a wizard farmer should I be doin skullshield or manashield?

I don’t know the answer to your last question Pharaoh (what an appropriate name), but something that helped me a lot in understanding basic item crafting / modifying is that: every item of the same type, at its max, is the same. I’ll try to explain what I mean in the easiest possible way since it might sound confusing if I don’t proceed with care :smile:

Say your wizard has just started and you see that he has a level 1 wand equipped already. It’s important to know that that wand has the capability to be upgraded (using the appropriate crystals) and to be maxed out to be identical to the “best” wand in the game, with two exceptions - there are a few Ruby affixes and Set Affixes which can only be found already on an item and cannot be added to one using crystals.

I want to make this even easier for you since it’s still confusing I think. Let’s both do this: in the game click on the Codex, then LegendEx, Then click Wizard. These are, if you don’t already know, all of the fixed Legendary items you can loot in the game. Unless you find one that’s an Eternal Rare, they are otherwise all modify-able.

Right then, so on the 1st page we see an item called ‘Livid’s Wicked Wand’. It’s not especially rare, especially unrare, nor especially anything else (CS Lewis). Now let’s move ahead 14 pages in the Wizard LegendEx section. We see another wand here called ‘Aether Spark’, which is slightly harder to obtain because you don’t find it until floor 400+. But here is the key - these two wands, if you removed all of their affixes (using Larimar or Quartz crystals), would both boil down to be the exact same Basic Wand. Provided that they are the same Quality and Level (also modify-able with crystals), they will have the exact same damage and abilities). So now that you know that, you know that any item, with enough crystals, can be modified to be the most “powerful” item, whatever you think that may be. I believe this is the foundation of item crafting in the game.

Here’s the catch though, and something you only learn as you keep playing. If we look again at Aether Spark in the LegendEx we see:

Aethereal Drain = set bonus
Multi Attack, Glasscannon and Push the Limit = Ruby affixes
Arcane Dmg + = Epic affix
Empty Socket = Rare affix

If we put what I just said into practice and spend a ton of crystals on our level 1 wand, we would see / discover we could make it identical to Aether Spark, with one exception - and this exception alone may be what makes this wand more valuable to us - Aether Spark as it is looted has the Ruby affix called ‘Push the Limit’. This affix cannot be rolled onto an item using a Ruby, it can only be found already inside of an item. So with this in mind, the one and only thing that makes this wand any better than my level 1 wand which I plan to modify a ton, is this affix alone. I could be scowering floors looking for Aether Spark JUST so I can remove all the affixes except Push the Limit and craft something else entirely with that as the initial molding so to speak. (Note that the Wiki link I’m about to paste below says that Push the Limit, in particular, is a roll-able affix using Ruby. It is not. I think that’s one of the only mistakes on the page though.) it’s actually more complicated than this once you consider that items can be switched to other classes so you might actually want Aether Spark for its Push the Limit affix with the actual intent of using a Jasper on it to turn it into a weapon for your Warrior that you want to modify and build on.

So you see, the key then is to learn which Ruby (and Amethyst / green) affixes can be rolled and which can only be found already attached to an item. This factor alone necessitates you having a particular looted item to perfect your build down the road when you get to that point.

All affixes, along with whether or not you can roll them, are listed here:

I’ll have to re read this and edit some things perhaps, but I hope that makes sense. :smile:

Also a few Set affixes which are unrollable with Amethyst include Epiphany, Nadroji, Cerebral Vortex, Crystallized, Eternallized, among others.

Here’s another tip that will really help you I think as your farming:

^^ i.e. These items have unique Ruby and/or Set affixes which cannot be rolled with crystals, only looted

Woah! Thanks for the very nice post! I couldn’t even imagine floor 400+!!! I’m on 202 and can survive.

Your post helped me a lot!

A quick question: can an item have gold fine and luck affix on it at the same time?

Yes: an item can have gold find and luck affix at the same time. This is because they are different affixes. What cannot happen on the same item is having two of the same affix (exceptions when using mythstones but there is no gold/luck mythstone).
You can also have an item with gold find and greed nature (25% gold find) or vice versa too. Same case with luck item and greed nature and vice versa.

What you could have (no need to do though) is an item with legend affix 50% item drops and then use a mythstone which gives 40% item drops. Usually, yo not meant to have two same affix on one item but mythstones are the exception. This means you can easily get 90% item drops on one item if you try steigers fortune sword for eg.
However, it’s best to spend the affix slots wisely :slight_smile: .

Is it better to do floor 200 at mythic 3 or a higher map floor like 300 at epic?

I’m not strong enough for mythic above 200.

Hmm that depends. If you’re looking for items, then epic 300 it is but have a look at codex to see the difficulties. The items that require epic difficulty are nadrojis robe/crown, and I think epiphany gear.
Mythic 3 items are items with crystalline,eternalized, cerebral vortex, smoke screen and seven deadly sins.
Mythic 1 items are the mashocism items and berserker items.

However, items without difficulty requirements are scoundrel items, aether items, mutiny, insolance, malestrom items, mayhem items, fabled hat, unreal hood and frozen set items found at floor 180.

That means when you storm through maps in very easy mode (with good farm equipment), its easy to get these items if you need them easily (ones without difficulty requirements). Epic mode is a good idea if you like to do floor 300 if you hunt nadroji robe/crown along the way but I would suggest the easiest mode possible where you still farm decent and do well :slight_smile: .

Floor 200 I find is a great farming spot for gold and many legends for converting because I find that sometikes I get 6M gold with the correct farm gears on packsize maps. Of course you may not get 6M gold but you will still get a large sum of gold in floor 200 and below. There is something which makes floors above 200 generally have less gold/item drops. That doesn’t mean the items won’t drop much though. You can easily get your scoundrels items anyday even with that odd restriction of less items in general.

It’s up to you though because this is just my opinion and some insight :slight_smile: . Getting that ed% robe or wd% hammer is quite easy on very easy to a difficulty your comfortable with. Keep that in mind. When you’re ready, higher difficulty for more acess really.

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Woah! 6M! I’m getting about 300-700k perfe floor200.

What amount of gold find and luck should I shoot for on my gear?

Do you wizard?

Here’s what I would do if I were in your spot:

  1. Hire a hireling to travel with you and max all his equipment with gold find, luck and item drop %. This will raise your own stats as well and help you find more loot.

  2. Keep progressing in levels because you ultimately need to get to floor 750 for the highest loot, so you’ll kill two birds if you keep moving on to higher levels.

  3. Choose the highest difficulty that still allows you to kill monsters very quickly without much hang up. This maxes your level clearing speed and added bonuses from higher map difficulties. I wouldn’t worry too much about loot for now unless you’re dying to find a particular item, because it will be much easier in the future.

:smile: :wedding:

I wizard :slight_smile: . My favorite class btw. How I get 6Mgold is by having maxed out gold find, maxed out luck (for dealer perk) and maxed out item drops with epiphany. Then I also have fortunate and dealer to aid me in this. Enshrined can help a small bit too. Accomplished perk can definitely help too :slight_smile: .

However, since you can’t simply get epiphany, just try to get max farm affixes 650% GF/LUCK and 300% item drops. Along with that, get dealer and fortunate perk as must have. Hope this helps you pick up at least a lil more gold than usual.

In floor 200, I get 6M gold + but above that, I get just 2M gold per floor :unamused: . I do get better legends though but not as many eternals to convert as a trade off. Hope this helps :slight_smile: .

what is an eternal??? i have two items w/ an “eternal” name on it… whats so special about it?? pls answers. and sorry just a newbie