Help me. The Game crashes alot

Someone help me on how to fix the sudden crashes. Already cleared the data and reinstall the game…

Try playing without an Internet connection (device in air plane mode) and see if the game still crashes.

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That’s what i’ve been doing whenever i play this game for longer gaming performance. Still it crashes. I already tried rebooting my phone also.

I will need more information on “crashes”. When does it crash? On the main menu, when you are in a level, when you are looking at your inventory?

Any details would help me try to figure out the issue you may be having, faster.

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Sorry for replying this late, it crashes like while I am inside normal levels (199-200), like when in cartographer maps lvl (201-1000) while the map have pack size affix in it. Take note i have a vivo v5lite phone sir. It has 3gb ram. Then when i am playing the shadow is disabled and only damage crits are enabled.

If you are using the pack size challenge maps and it crashes, make sure you are not grouping up large amounts of enemies. That can cause a crash on your device, esp if you get a large amount of enemies grouped up and use lots of AoE skills.

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This time sir, the sudden crashes are getting really serious. Just by I open the floor 200. After killing minions maybe 5-6 per area. I crash immediately.

Well, if you tried all of the steps listed above and still have issues (esp with your shadows off and very little damage numbers on the screen) it leads me to think that the game doesn’t run well on your device.

I don’t have access to that specific android device, but I have seen android devices that have great hardware power but still struggle to play the game.

The type of Android OS you use (especially if it is an aftermarket version of android) and the type of graphics processing your phone uses has the most impact on how playable the game is.

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That’s so sad for me to hear. Btw, my phone back then isn’t as good for gaming like my phone now. But back then i don’t have problems like continuous crashes. Well just saying that the game maybe needs more optimization since it updated it’s version.

To my knowledge we have not changed anything drastic in our game builds for the last several updates. There are no content updates that would effect the performance. The last update did add additional UI to the main menu but that is it.

Thank you anyway for your replies. Eventually i’ll just delete this game if the problem still exists.

You are welcome!

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