Help me tune my gear

I feel like I have a decent starting point, but before I start blowing gems, I want to know what set affixes and mythic affixes I need so I can plan accordingly for a bleed fire gun rogue build. I have the following waiting to be crafted up:

Starvation ring
Vampiric Touch, 86.9% weaken, 24.7% sprint proc, 50% bleed dmg, 25% total hp, 10% bleed chance

Frightening Choker
Haunting, 99.5% fire damage, +2 set numbers, 22.9% specialist, 8.8% resource cost, socket

Aether Cover
Aethereal Drain, 92.3% Blistering, 97.6% fire damage, 22.3% total mp, 213 all resist, socket

Defiant, 100% fire damage, 24.8% dmg to elites, 26.1% weaken, 2 sockets

Astral Shroud
Ascendent, 387.4% explosive, 5 intelligence, 9 blindside, 19% fire damage, socket

Toxon (vial)
Gladiator, 8.1% stealth proc, 20% damage to elites, 8.5% deadly strike, 181 hp on hit, +4356 fire dmg (does this work for MH as well, or just OH, which would be pointless on a vial)

Bloodless Victory (Root)
Gladiator, 11.9% clotting, 8.9% purge, 8.9% recovery, 9.3% ar piercing, +416 hp on cc

Also, do pet stats get counted in arena? If so, I feel mine is pretty dang well set up for arena…

Permafrost, +50% bleed damage, +15% attack speed, +10 bulwark, +15% crit chance, +25% total ar

Is this a PVP build?


I see that you are already receiving assistance from your other post.