Help me understand the explosive affix please

Hello all and thanks in advance for the help. May all your loots be perfect rolls.

I’ve been playing this game for far too long because of how much I enjoy it, but the one thing I have yet to try is a build using the Explosive affix.

I try and plan all my builds out in advance so I don’t waste crystals but I’m having a tough time with this one, mostly because I don’t fully know the mechanics and triggers for Explosive.

The build is for pve only, and I would prefer to have it fit into 1 of 3 build types:

  1. blinkstrike rogue using discordance
  2. pistol rogue using ricochet and multi / extra atk
  3. whirlwind warrior with a lot of movement spd

I want the explosive dmg to be the main visual effect on screen so I’m trying to avoid any of the flashier procs.

I know that Explosive functions differently than the majority of procs as it is per hit not attack per second. I’m trying to come up with a reliable way to explode the screen without going too overboard.

My questions:


  1. it is a 5% chance to do 400% mh dmg. So when I have two affix’s is it
    a) a 10% chance to do 800%
    b) two separate 5% chances to do 400%
    c) a 5% chance to 800%


  1. does dot dmg like fire, poison, bleed have a chance to trigger it?
  2. I read in a post that the passive talent Wrath for a warrior can trigger it. Does that mean something like reflect dmg or the aoe effect from the overload set could possibly trigger it too?
    If so then the electric set with the rogues counter talent might be a fun way to mass trigger it.
  3. can the explosion trigger an elemental critical?
  4. I heard explosion can trigger itself but can other procs trigger explosion?

Thanks for any insight you can provide. I really want to get this build out for some testing.

It is a fix 5% proc chance to deal x% mh damage (max 400% per item)