Help me :(

Good day everyone, as the title says - I really need help. First of all, I am a new player and a noob. I’m just at level 80 wizard and I want to know how to get strong, anyone can give me general tips and great builds? Yes I have read almost all guides in the forums but they’re like outdated and already patched? Some also conflicting, it confuses me. Also I am from iOS so I don’t have the 2.0 thing other people are talking about. I just want to atleast get a decent build to reach higher floors? The standard ones, and I’ll just discover things along the way. my problem is that wizard is a very weak class to me, I get killed easily… I have 7k hp right now and 3k armor… I only rely on hp leech, if I don’t attack for a second I die immediately. I also use arcane elements only as I still don’t understand the elements and the combinations… I am using a gauntlet right now because the tornado seems to be cool and my OH is skull. Guys any help and tip would be appreciated, currently at floor 130 (EP4) and also I got good procs like mirror image,storm,orb but less damage. I also want to know what are the projectile skills for Wizard? I got a talent that increases projectile damage… Thanks a lot mates. I just want to know updated builds. :smile:

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Hi there! the iOS build should be ready VERY soon. We are in the final stages right now with getting it approved now. Sorry for the wait.

No worries sir. Thanks a lot for the fast response. I am also hoping to get some answers from the expert players here, I am just at floor 140 and I’m already struggling to get past the monsters.

Same, I feel ya bro :smile: