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I am in Mythic 1 floor 138 so far I beat the levels easily but I don’t know if this build is noob or im just lucky. Also Im a Level 88 Wizard

Lvl 100 Golex Gaunlet of Greed
Lvl 100 Spellbinder of Haste
Lvl 98 Parity of Blessed with ( weaken and crushing blow )
Lvl 96 Mindtrick of Haste ( deadly strike )
Lvl 86 Eternal Wanderers Cap of Elements
Lvl 89 Prismatic Necklace

Is this set up good or bad? Asking for improvement


just got into the game 2 days ago and I dont know many things

Aftermath pieces is great for new people, armor and weapon for set bonus, Permafrost set helm and ring for infinite mana. Whatever you decide to do get 40 skullshield, 1 shot everything floor 1000+ when you get better gear

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Youll pick up experience both ingame and knowledge of the mechanics just by playing the game, have patience to learn them hands on or by reading relevant topics of what you want to learn.

Most successful builds are mostly the utilization of a key Set Affix like Aftermath for example and strenghtening it with important affixes like +Weapon Damage, +Element Damage, +Critical Strike Chance/Damage and +Meteor Skill. Someother useful Set Affix can be added depending on the element of your Mainhand like Inferno(Fire), Plagued(Poison), Permafrost(Ice) and Electrocution(Lightning).

Many more affix can be added to your build to make you stronger as you progress and it all comes down to researching what you want to do in Dungeon Quest. But most important of them is to have fun playing the game.


I also got three aftermath items but when i used it doesn’t give much damage.

Frostfire Regalia
Skyfall of Elements
Event Horizon

btw I saw some ascendence thingie when hitting level 99. I am level 97 now

I also got three frostburn set items and three plagued set items T_T Im confused because I specialized my character to Gaunlets and Bracers

Honestly all new players should concentrate on farming lv 100 over and over, 1000 times over till you get the according accendenc. All exp is the same after 100 from my understanding… 100 over and over and over, when u get bored move on as long as u can clear fast, maybe use a imp pet to pick up items to get free legos (settings set pick up lengend+). Buy a map at lv 100 and use Larmiar gem to change maps to pack size and diamonds on map to get pack size 125%. Do that 1000 times and you can move on… I’ll be honest, no one can do it without a hireling in a reasonable amount of time… everything you collect will suck but later it will pay off when you learn how all the gems work.


When u can get ur skullshield to 40 with some crushing blow on items you wont need to attack… you need hireling, when u accend you will need him to carry you back to level 50. You have to be atleast half the level you are to equip items.

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I ascended 5 mins ago and chose 300% Eternal chance. I crafted 4 aftermaths… did i do the right decision?

Terrible pick, everytime you accend it takes twice the exp to accend again and cost twice as much… fortunate should be your first pick cuz it jus makes gameplay easier, then get dealer to afford paying for ascending and converting gems and runes to higher levels and be rich… after that it dont matter but if I had to choose and assuming I could make a hunter mythic ring I’d go enshrined but it dont matter after fortunate and dealer


T_T nooooo… maybe I’ll just play my rogue to level 50 so I can use nadroji things in my inventory

Bye bye wizard >_<

I started with wizard too, he is op af pve, dont give up on him, he carries me thru the game… I play a warrior with magic find set while he murders the world

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What should I do now? maybe some exp gain affix would help?

like what @anon36574460 had said, focus on farming first on low level dungeon then convert the legend items that you didn’t need and convert it to dust. Then when you try to ascend, go for fortunate or dealer perks.

When im new to this game, I ascend dealer perk first because for me gold is more important. By the way, the set that helped me reach floor 200 are golex gauntlet MH, cosmic power OH and helm, adventurer armor, magus stones ring and inferno. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I start playing this game during the pandemic. :slight_smile:

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Damn, I dont understand what you guys are saying

When you reach level 99 @FlyingFish15 you can go to the shop screen and at bottom of the screen a new option appears to accend. There are 6 passive perks to pick from, then you go back to level 1 and do it all over again.

You mean ascension?

yes, the ascension perks

How to post pics here?