Help my Twisted Wizard build please

Good day fellas!
I need some help building my poor wizard here. Due to scarcity of ms/cs, I use this build for PVP and PVE however, I’m stuck at Mythics League in PVP and no matter how hard I try, my wiz can’t make it to ethernal league.

My play style is simple. I use Twister all the time which is my favorite then Teleport or Shatter if I need to run away. Shatter is what I use as well for Characters that are spamming in one place. I focused more on critical damage as you can see but the normal critical damage I’m seeing for PVE is 11-23M only, then 2-3K crit in PVP :cry: . I was hoping to put Glasscannon affix here but it looks like its only available in Manashield or Wand which I dont like.

I Included all stats I had in my build and I have strong faith that you guys can give better ideas since I saw alot of good builds here. Most of them are for Rouge but I saw an Aftermath build too which is really amazing, but I really love Twister more than anything else. Hehehe

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance :relaxed:

Since u said u leak CS/MS. then i think u should farm for it for now. Dont too focus on arena bcoz u say no metter hard u try u cant get to eternal league… when i see your set i got idea right away for how to buff your build lol. but to be honest all my idea will req alot Cs/Ms and alot rare legend to use. maybe when u have enough resources i will help. i dont want to give now because i dont want to ruin your affix, i see it have some good affix for farming, so i think u need those affix for a while for farming Cs/Ms.

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