Help needed: green garden low dmg

Hi all
Im trying to go for wizard green garden build but my dmg seems to be quite low, according to what is said on the forum. I think on a single mob my posion cloud deal arround 2kk only.

What can be done?
My eq attached.
I dont have any nadroji items. I can craft if from codex, but then i cant change any affixes :confused:

Since green garden there have been MANY patches, chamges and such. Im just going to try to list a few relevant ones…
Epic affix +5000 is now applied AFTER calculation eg.
(Without elem crit)MH damage is 10k, you cast storm (600%) you deal ~60k, enemy is now poisoned(80%), 48k per second +30k(6 affixes)
(With elem crit) 48k * 29 (1+400%*6 blight) = 1392k, add the 30k(6 affixes) 1422k (minimal difference)
As you see, from an average high end weapon damage with 6 blight and an elemental critical strike, the damage is quite optimal, but the epic affixes do next to nothing (this is not the case for arena)

Next: only one poison cloud can be active at a single time(im unsure if this means it cannot crit until the previous expires or if it simply moves upon new crit)

Theyre the major changes.
With twister for example, its still great. Id recommend an eternal fates travesty, jaspered to wizard and just getting rid of living force set. As for major damage buffs, you should get an insolence OH for the +100% poison damage, that turns the 80% poison damage in your formula to 160%, effectively doubling your damage.
Maybe push the limit, barbarian and glass cannon could help you increase damage too?

Thx for super fast answer, didnt know that green garden was so much nerfed :frowning:

I really like play style of skull shield - just run and do nothing more :smiley:
Any build for skull shield is still viable?
Or other but simple to play and with insane dmg ^^

Very much so, i assume you enjoy poison damage so ill offer you something based on that.
Youll want +5000WD on your SKULL OH weapon along with the necrotic talent means youll have about 15k base WD.
Next you want the “eternal fates travesty” for ~170%Blight, ~8500WD, ~170%WD and the poison crit chance (also the attack speed will help with the next item)
Apex of epiphany is a head with all useful affixes, get an eternal one (if you can, but legend should be enough)
Youll need 1x 45%Block on the OH and 1x 30%Dodge crystal affix somewhere else, (dodge: 10%default+10%dexterity+30%crystal+10%on pet=60%) and to get 70% attackspeed on gear however necessary
Clasp of terror is an amulet for rogues, the special affix gives 100% damage for 40% clearcast (i recommend two clarity mythstones)
Mythics: sanctuary, discordance, energy, maybe brutal

The rest ill leave to you, you seem to know what your doing :blush:

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Thx a lot :slight_smile: