Help newbie, what should i build?


So i just discover this forum and only play without any guide before.
My rogue and wizard is already lvl 99 (no ascension) and highest map i opened is floor 244.

Please help advice me how to build char or what should i do to get better in this game. Thank you

MH = restless storm (richochet)
OH = supercell (vault)
armor = heipao (mutilate)
hat = archer’s bonnet (blue frame) (stagger)
ring = nova (ensnaring)
necklace = nadroji’s crystal (dextrous)

MH = golek’s gauntlet (blast)
OH = Astral vengeance (manashield)
armor = astral shealth (barrier)
hat = astral communion (wizzardy)
ring = fortuna (magnify)
necklace = nadroji’s crystal (empower)

A small but useful advice: learn to use crystals to improve the items you already have.

Also, try to make the green set affixes be synergic with each other if possible, and with the main element of your items (use calcite for that).

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Well first hello! And welcome to the forums! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There’s lots and lots of information thats been posted on here so if there’s anything specific you want to know about, you can either search for it, make a post to ask about it, or Cuzeg has a discord server where you can talk and chill and ask anything you like

The super basics to a build are the base weapon damage and the attack, so adding weapon damage to the main weapon that you attack with are a must… for example

Doing something like this will help with damage a lot, also using emeralds on the weapon will improve it’s damage a bit too

Another thing is heroic skills, adding points into your attack and into ‘Fortunate’ will give damage and farming bonuses to help find those juicy items
You can also improve heroic points by adding them to gear as shown above


The main way to get better is to read on the forums, then test it out in the game :smiley:

If you want a ‘cheat code’ to the game, try WhirlingBlades from the rogue chakram… i made a post about it earlier :wink:
WhirlingBlades’ Potential

The more enemies it hits, the more damage it deals
-Frozen set is a must with this tho haha

Here’s the item i suggest, it’s very customised

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Good day to you sir newbie

Here is some tips of mine


White arrow: that is Mythic Affix
You can get that by combining 4 mythstone loke this

Example: cosmic orb you need that 4 kind of stone there gift, wisdom, clarity and return

By putting that kind of mythstone you need 4 empty socket like this


And if you don’t have any slot you can use this crystal to add an empty slot

About the yellow arrow pointing to the color red weapon damage %

You can get that kind of affix by using ruby crystal


But there is some affix that exclusive or you can’t get by rerolling using crystal affix example… Weapon damage %, barbarian, and push limits etc…

About that color green “FROZEN” there are also some kind of affix that you can’t reroll example. Nadrojin, eternalize etc…


Just keep asking don’t hesitate to ask in this forum we are here to help you


Hello @gamerthink , thank you for helping.

About that, how do i do that? I never knew i can creat green set affix

Will definitely try to build that whirlwind rogue.

Also, how you get that perfect number in orange and red colour?

Ah, so the green affix is not created like purple affix? It was randomize by crystal that give green affix?

Will definitely fo this.
Thanks a lot :smiley:

I didn’t write to MAKE them, I wrote to MAKE them BE SYNERGIC with each other when you find different red items and have to choose which one to wear.

The crystal for adding green affixes is the second in the list (there are around 20 levels of them, calcite is the last) and you probably won’t see any for a while.

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The green set affixes can be found if you go to codex, dictionary, then on the second page you’ll see ‘sets’, click that and you can have a read there…
An initial explanation to Sets by Golem himself :smiley:

A large, in-depth guide by Skaul if you decide you want the legendex in here, let me know, i have an updated version :wink:

Crystal crafting restrictions since you were asking about sets, the amythest crystal can apply sets, but there’s a few that cannot be rolled, and some that are class specific (can only be applied by using jasper to change item class, then again to change them back)

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Yup you’re right…
Purple affix(mythic affix) is need a 4 combination of mythstone

While the gree affix (sit affix) you can get it on this crystal


And also don’t forget there is also some sit affix that you cannot reroll like defiant, nadroji etc( just search it on google🤣)

And you also ask about the perfect number of orange (epic) and red (legend) affix right…

You can get a perfect number by using Diamond and Fluorite…

Diamond can change the value of the affix including the color skyblue affix

While this crystal

Can change only epic and below affix (color yellow)
But you can select the affix that you want to reroll it’s value unlike the diamond all affix values will change so you neee luck to get the perfect number

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Diamond randomly changes all affix values on the Items if the affix colors are:
Normal (Yellow), Epic (Orange), Legend (Red), and Crystal (Cyan).

Fluorite randomly changes the value of one affix of your choice if the affix colors are:
Normal (Yellow) and Epic (Orange).

Obsidian randomly changes the value of a Crystal affix on an Item:
Crystal (Cyan).

these Crystals can’t be used on Eternal Items.
Crystal Emerald can increase an Items Item Quality to +25%, which increases your chances of getting maximum values.
on Legend Items, when changing affix values, values will not go below 75% of the affixes max value.
on non-Legend Items, changing affix values will give you random values between the affixes minimum and maximum values.

depending on what kind of affixes you have on your Item, you would use Diamond first, since it rerolls the values of all affixes at the same time. if you are trying to get max values on 2 or more Legend affixes, it might take lots of Diamonds, unless you get lucky. most players just get max value on one Legend affix. if one Legend affix can be rolled with Ruby, and the other is only found on Loot, max out the one that is Loot only, and then use Ruby to try to get the other one again with max value.

then use Obsidian to get max value on your Crystal affix, but you need to have only 5 affixes on the Item to do this, or it will not work. if you can, only take off an Epic affix or a Myth Stone if you don’t have an Epic, or a Legend affix that can be rolled with Ruby.

lastly, use Fluorite to max your Epic affixes. if you have Items with Normal (Yellow) affixes, and not enough Crystals to get Epic affixes, then you can max them also. Normal affix values are about 75% of Epic affixes.

only use Kyanite to take affixes off of an Item, as it will only take off the affix you chose. there are a few affixes it can’t take off, but still be careful, so you don’t take an affix off that you want to keep. Quartz takes off a random number of affixes, from 1 to 6, so only use it after you learn more about the game and understand how to properly use Quartz.