Help please

What will Happen to my BAGS? the default ones… if I unhire my main and make my hireling my main character? Will all of my items and everything in that bags will disappear?

All of your items will remain they will just be in the inventory of the character you where using as your default before :smile: (edited title too remove profanity :smile:)

It disappear like maybe a bug or something… cause all i can see is just my hirelings BAGS…

if you click on the icon for what was your main and is now your hireling and switch too the inventory tab all of the items will be there :+1:

to be honest my inventory right now to both my main and hireling is just the same… promise… i already knew about on how to check the inventory… like im really sad right now and at the same time high blood…

Did the inventory of your hireling get re-written by the new main? if so I would like too direct you too they would be the best people too talk too about getting your items back unfortunately there is an extremely rare bug right now that a fix is being worked on for where the main characters inventory can re-write the hirelings too be the same

that figures… I think i’ll uninstall this game if my items/crystals/pets can’t be given to me again…

when was your last back up? even if it wasn’t recent the support we have is pretty damn stellar so don’t worry they’ll fix you right up :grin:

you an admin? i really hope that they’ll fix everything

No I am not currently an admin however I have dealt with our support before and they are ridiculously good so don’t worry they’ll make everything right :smile:

Hey PRICELESS! It looks like that’s an account dependent issue. Just contact the support including your DQ Account. I am sure, they will help you as soon as they can:

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i’ve send them notice about what happen to my game… how can i now that they’ve contacted me?

Once they have time, they will write back :slight_smile:

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where should i wait? to my yahoomail acc…? or to that overlook software that i’ve been used to write them my issue?

guys help how to register to the shinybox support website?

Just write them a normal email with your email account (yes, the yahoomail) :slight_smile:
You don’t have to register anything.

are they even active? like now?

Just be patience :slight_smile: They will answer as soon as they have time.


Hi Priceless, I just sent you a follow up to your email.

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I uploaded a new save game for you from my end. Closing this thread

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