Help: PVE and PVP Warrior Build?


Lol @ golem


Haha, I will do that. But gotta save crystals first.


And if you get bored check out the 6 deadly sins guide @Golem and @dickwad


Actually go check it. You will get ideas :smiling_imp:


I bookmark it already, for future build. It costs a lot of dust :sweat: . I’ll try farming for it. Haha. Thanks a lot.


You will get there


When you find farming easy on a floor then raise the same floor to the next difficult level. More rewards. When it gets too hard drop the difficulty level. You will find everything you need to get better


Once I hit a certain level, I always put my diff. to Mythic 3 to levelup faster .


@Eternal-Abyss good strategy :slight_smile:


Is it good to make warrior regen + all resist build? :joy:


Lol yes


But remember your warriors skills… BLEED chances :wink:


Thanks!.. trying to make a list of mythics and sets ill be using in the build, now, perhaps i should also consider bleeding. Haha