Help: PVE and PVP Warrior Build?


I cant seem to find a proper build for warrior. I dont know why. But some affixes are hard to find. I dont really know the base item of the items being build. can someone help me find a updated warrior build. ? Sufficient for fast farming and PVE


You can search around the forums for many PvE warrior builds. Most of them work well in the current patch. Here is an example: Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer


Thanks for this, the only that bothers me now is the Maximum affixes, I cant seem to maximize all the affixes of an item. Is there any possible process to maximize them all? I mean step by step. Im running out of dias because of that


I think it would be difficult to find a build for pvp and pve .
Can offer:
For pvp - regen build
For pve - A lot of them, but mostly all builds use poison (blight)


getting an items quality to 25% will help make it easier to get affixes to their cap (using Emerald). also, if your item is Legend, that seems to make it easier to get affixes maxed. when using non Legend items, my affixes go all over the place, but on Legend items, my affixes don’t seem to go lower than a certain point, so better chances to get maxed affixes. I think I read about affixes on Legend items not going under 75% of max values. at least on level 100 items.
Legend and Crystal affix stats can only be changed using Diamond. so if you have and item with 1 Crystal and 2 Legend affixes, it might take a lot of Diamonds to get all 3 to max. and if the Legend affixes are loot only affixes, then you can’t use Ruby to get them back if you take them off. if your item is Eternal, then you can’t improve the stats at all, unless you find another one with better stats.


I just finished building this one.

But I dont know how to get the base item for the ring. It seems that I cant build the ring with 45% Block . Its not showing on my ring. I wonder what he used for the base item.


I think he just took a permafrost ring, used obsidian (until he catches block)


I see. I used an alternative ring with +All Resist. I thinks its not that big deal. As my build was stable enough to sustain a lot of damage and regen.


Look at link below. You can obtain crystal Block on Frost Raven ring with warrior class drop - use dust to get crystal block drop on ring. :+1:


Does the ring potentially drop with a Crystal Block ? I want to know if it can crafted on the codex with Crystal block or just drop.


In the codex - no.
You can create a craft (obsidian) or you can get in the drop


The only gear you can craft with obsidian block is on the Offhand Weapon. In the ring example, obsidian block will only occur on Drop from the Warrior class frost raven. Warrior frost raven ring has epic block affix which can become crystal / obsidian affix on drop.

Warrior Ring with Epic block affix

Wizard Ring - no block affix

Rogue Ring - no block affix

List of obsidian affixes

Any gear with an Epic affix listed in the pool below has a chance to become crystal affix on drop. For example, Wizard and Rogue rings above have a chance for the gears to drop with Dodge obsidiam affix (both have dodge epic affix). I hope that clears things up. :grinning:

Crystal Affixes
Attack Speed
Reduced Cost
Reduced CD
Crit Chance
Crit DMG
MP Regen
HP Regen
Gold Find
All Resist
Total HP
Total MP
HP On Hit
MP On Hit
Crushing Blow
Deadly Strike


Thanks a lot for this. This really helps me fix my build and understand more of this lovely game.


You’re welcome. :sunglasses:


Another thing to bear in mind when making pvp and pve builds is that many opponents in the arena are summoner (like me lol ) so a pve mentality can pay off there. Treat summons like any enemy. So pvp/pve hybrid equipment may be a thought.


Actually all my builds are hybrids. All classes summon, cast wizard stuff and use rogue and warrior skills. Hybrids rock :slight_smile: For example check out my sad wizards 3 summons to my bow rogres army (pve)


Haha, thats hell of an army there, My device is quite laggy so I prefer not taking too much ai on the screen even effects. Using a warrior with a Taunt+Explosion effects stops my game and continue bit by bit until it explodes, luckily doesnt stop the app. so too much skill effects and Ai are actually hard for me.


I am actually looking up for potential builds and mixing them up. I am actually new to the building stuff things. Im still learning to build actually.


I challenge you . The next item you drop then make a build around it. Try it. It becomes easy :slight_smile:


it is good practice for when you start planning your own builds to beat up on @dickwad many powerful and amazing builds in the PVP Arena, or just to bust up the monsters in PVE. :smirk_cat: