Help tweek my set (DONE) Ty for all those who helped

Any suggestions guys. What should i remove and add?

remove harmony i think it doesnt help much in healing you and you should’ve dodge crystal survivability is important if you’re gonna do high floors

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Remove ignore resist then place it on armour remove the freeze on armour first. Put a set affix you like on ur weapon

How abt my vamp touch armor? Issit okay?

I dnt get it. Remove the ignore resist on my wep? Then add ignore resist on my armor? Then wat shud i replace o my wep?

Yes. Yes . try momentum

Wait pre pinoy ka pala. Haha ano ulet?

Kunin mo yung freeze sa armour mo tapos lagyan mo ng ignore resist. Tapos kunin mo yung ignore resist mo sa weapon then lagyan mo ng momentum affix( obtainable sa amythest , exclusive sa warior)

Wait pre. Try ko. By chance ba ung momentum?

Till anong floor kaya ng set na yan?


Aabot siguro ng 1 k

Pani mgfarm ng crystals na mabilis pre? Sa ngaun convert ko lahat legend na item ko pra sa rare crystals

How did you get crystal block affix on the ring?

Seems like a lot of frostbiting and only one ice damage affix. I would do more switch some to ice but that would require starting with new gear that spawns with elemental damage since you can’t roll the legend affix version.

Farm on map 200 convert all legends found to dust. Then buy a ton of cheap eternals then convert to crystals … Ez farm for crystals

Hhmm. Idk much abt ths game yet. So il lremove some frostbiting ayt? Get some ice dmg? And maybe add glasscannon also?

200 na map? Like ulit2 lng? Tas patayin ko rn ung boss after?

Yung map… Buy ka sa shop ng map 200

Wag yung walang cartographer.

Mas malak ba drop rate saa floor 200 pre? Compare sa 350+ na floor?

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