Help with a build please:(

I constantly die on maps starts from 100th floor if I do not hit the enemies first, I die in 1-2 hits…
Here’s the screenshots of my build (I do not post second character (mage) because he’s just for luck and gold loot)

as you go to higher floors, All Resist and Armor become less effective, and eventually monsters can one hit kill you, even when you have a lot of HP.

instead of HP, Armor, All Resist, or Damage Reduction, start using Dodge, Block, Sanctuary Mythic (goes on your Amulet), Talents that cause enemies to miss you, increase your mobility so you can escape attacks, use Skills - Talents - Affixes - Elements - that have Crowd Control abilities, like Paralyze, Freeze, or Blindness. if a monsters can’t hit you, you wont die. looking at your build, replace any +5000 Poison with Dodge until you have +60%.

you also need some Cool Down so that you can cast all of your skills more often. example, with +60% Cooldown, you can cast Whirling Blades every 2 seconds instead of every 5 seconds.

or make a build that kills monsters before they have a chance to kill you.

since this is a Farm Build, just farm around floor 100 to 200 until you get more Crystals & Legend Items to improve your build, then you can go to higher floors to get even better Loot!

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Thanks so much for the tip, made myself 60% dodje and move speed and I feel so much better now
But i have a question, why would i want to decrease coldowns if then i would have to push it more often and the more often I have to stop to click on skill again , the longer it lasts the better chance i have of surviving lol
P.S sorry for a bad English, I hope you’re understand what’s I mean

The more you push the skill button, the more skills will be caused.
For example, your special skill hit 40 times each time it have been used.
For 5s CD, 40 hits in 5 sec. For 2s CD, 40 hits in 2 sec.

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right now, when you cast Whirling Blades, it takes 5 seconds for the Chakrams to spin away and then return to your Rogue. which means 5 seconds with no Boomerang or Whirling Blades.

with Cooldown +60%, theWhirlingblade Chakrams spin away and then return in 2 SECONDS! this is good for bosses that need lots of damage to defeat. your Boomerangs fly away and return in 0.8 seconds (that’s before you consider the extra Boomerang speed from Boomerang Skill and Celerity Talent).

I have a build right now using 10% Cooldown with Periphery Set and Elements Set (it’s on a low level Rogue) and I can’t wait until my CD gets to +60%. I’ll really be tearing things up with Whirling Blades & Boomerang.

Build your health up not enough heakth

Hi all can anione help me for begginers build for wizard poison storm with minion explosion from helm skils 200% aoe reinge from wepon and ring … i think CB not work becouse he decrease minions help and demage down …deadly stricke …im not sure ty :wink: