Help with Arcane Bow Build

Arcane Bow based Rogue.
Tears through elites at 1100, mythics somewhat slower. Not dependent on pack size, although that can speed things up.


You want to try to max crit chance, crit damage, attack speed,
and deadly strike.

Mythics: Skilled, Serenity
Crystals: Crit DMG, Attack Speed, Deadly Strike, Crit Chance.
Sets: Berserker, Masochism, Ascendent, Arcane, Epiphany, Momentum.

Legendary Affixes:

Multi-Attack +4
Barbarian X2
Explosive X2
Move Speed X1
Glass Cannon X1 (I found X2 and I’m killed by a fart)
Push the limit X1

With this set up, you’ll need some mana. I’ve got 5k on gear, 250MP on hit,
and spent 50 hero points in it. This seems to be a good balance. You can’t
just spray everywhere all the time, but you don’t run out when you need it.

So… my questions.

  1. How to optimize? Ideally I’d like to tear through Mythic mobs at 1100+.
  2. My bow… any thoughts? I’ve tried to swap different ones in, but this
    so far has been the best I’ve found (I have higher dps bows, and bows with
    set affixes, but they don’t seem to do as much actual DPS).