Help with build for rogue

Hello guys do i Tried to make a farm build however do far i got Like 1 obsidian for crystal affix. I managed to get 400 floor on mythic difficulty but i keep dying few times a map which holds me back with gold income. Farming power lvls feels like IT gives me no gold oraz valuable crystals.
What should i do ill post here my equips n stuff

What problems are you usually face in map +400? Enemies are getting harder to kill? You are easily getting one shotted? Please add more context.

Save up them CS and MS for endgame when you start making your final builds later. Just focus on getting equipment via dust then modify them later with better affixes. For now I want you to look for a good PvE build then slowly make assemble them along the way.


I usually gry one shot by epic rarity mobs that’s the main problem. Andrzej ofcourse legend Andr mythic enemies are really hard to kilka plus they kill me easily . Ive reached 60 dodge which helped me a bit, however i still struggle.when it comes to clearing mapa i van one shot most enemies if they are yo yo epic do that’s not the biggest issue. Ive been playing for a while And people Just after few hours/days are way ahead od me in terms od gold/equips/Stones etc.

For now focus on affixes that makes you harder to kill. All of the millions of damage you cant deal wont help you much if you are dying most of the time. Something like dodge like you said. Get Pathfinder to make use of them dodges.

Try not to compare the achievements of other people to yours, its not about racing your way into getting the most of things as it much about having an adventure. Enjoy the game and let the gold equips stones come into you.

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For farming higher levels, you need to kill mobs before they kill you. Try using a hireling with the crushing flames set, crushing blow, immolate, and lots of damage. Then max out luck, gold, and dodge on your main character. Some type of fast movement is key as well. I’m currently farming maps 2000 + on mythic 3 difficulty, and this method works well for me.

So should i abadon all these nadroji And stuff?

Not entirely. Slowly make the necessary affix changes on another different gear(dont touch your current ones and edit only the ones youll use later when completed.), as you dont want to be that moron who suddenly lost a very good gear because he impatiently edited his strongest weapon and fails to return it back to normal and cant hike the high floors anymore… :laughing::joy::sweat_smile::sob:

I Just dropped eternal ascended circle but not using IT because I cant edit IT And switched my nadroji armor for a pathfinder armor And IT appears IT booster my DMG And defenses significantly thanks for advices guys looking for more though

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Also put +5000 Weapon Damage on your mainhand, +5000 Elemental Damage works too and can be put into non weapon gears to further increase damage. Goodluck!