Help with chakram build

i need help with this build was doing good so far but my dmg and survabilty have droped

Add +2 all set ring and amulet

Anyting else that will bost my dmg i need survability shoud i change element and set bonuses or i m fine with this will tgis build hold at high floors

Basic things u have to change in your build:
Get all items to 25% quality using emerald
Get all items to lv 100 using peridot
Reroll all values to maximum using diamond for legend and crystal ones, then flourite on the epic affixes

For survivability on high floors there are two ways you can choose, either permastealth using +40 stealth skill ( 20 heropoints + 20 on gear) and one 45 % cooldownreduction (crystal affix ) on gear combined with 20 heropoints in the basic skill that gives you cooldownreduction (dexterity i think)

Or you max out dodge and block with crystal affixes and combine it with a sanctuary amulet which revives you for free every 30 seconds

For set affixes remove one copy of inferno and trickster and add adventurer and momentum( warrior only so you hav to change the item to warrior with jasper add the setaffix and change it back to rouge.) This will boost your damage quite a bit

You have so mucho attack speed, only 45 attack speed will be ok. Add +WD on your MH , +ED on all items and try %400-500 elemental crit , add another deadly strike %30 . Natures all Elements …

Why nature elements i dont understand what is diffrent nature or idk death item looks same to me

@CroNix21 nature element = 5% elemental dmg boost … u can check on codex dictionary go on nature page. all nature description ang effect are all der


Then mythic nova or empyrean shoud boost my dmg or??