Help with electrocution

Can someone tell me what shock debuff is. I wana use electrocution but i dont know how to get it and how many can it stack.

if your weapon has the Shock Element, every hit will put a Shock Debuff on the target, up to 4. each Debuff increases damage done to target +12.5%, so 4 hits in a row will end up giving you +50% damage. the Debuff lasts 5 seconds I think, but as long as you keep hitting the target, your are adding fresh Debuffs until you stop attacking.
there is a Legend Affix that adds +1 Shock Debuff, up to 4 more for a total of 8, but is only found on 4 Rogue items, check out the LegendEx in the Codex, I think they are one of the last 8 items listed for Rogues.
Electrocution is found on Rogue items, but can be rolled using Amethyst Crystals on items from any Class (I have put it on my Wizard items before)

Thank you. I put it on my winzard item too.

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