Help with farming build wizard

I need help for a farming build.
What I have and can’t get anymore (from my previous carachter):
1 rebirth,1 abyss,2 deaths,1 haste,1 zircon,1 jasper,1 beryl 1 fluorite and 500k gold
I’m at the floor 20

hope and pray u get gear that increase drop rate, luck and fortune. also try to put points in fortune. also, this is just my preference, but i always do my maps. i just skip the tedious boss fights. i also run on mythic 3 from the get go hehe

for Beginners, Luck & Gold Find are what is important if you want to start farming for loot early. Luck & Greed Natures also help. putting points in Fortune Skill will help a lot. at Fortune 20, you get +50% Luck, Gold Find, & Item Drop Rate. finding Legend items with Epic +10 Fortune affix can get you up to +40 Fortune Skill, which is +100% Gold Find, Luck, & Item Drop Rate. finding Legend items with Legend +50% Item Drop can help also. Difficulty Level Easy to M3 gives Luck & Gold Find boost at the cost of tougher monsters to fight, and also an Experience Boost.

+650% Cap for Luck & Gold Find. from Difficulty Level, Fortune Skill, Natures, & Affixes all add together towards the Cap. +200% Cap for Item Drop Rate.

also, the faster you can kill a monster, the more/better loot it drops.


Use plagued set affix (all item) as beginner help me alot… u may try it… Until get enough resource to build a good farming build.

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