Help with items (poison storm farm) xD


if I understand correctly I need to craft weapons as you have ? to affix eternalized ? it will be difficult of course, but there it is ) all by itself I think that this game is difficult


eternalized increases your chance to get eternal items. the more you play DQ, the harder it gets. the longer you play, the more you learn, and the easier it gets to understand. getting experience from playing the game, and reading the forums helps a lot.


I like imp but it feels slow. Then again, I feel old xD. I remember imps used to be unreliably slow but they are actually pretty fast now. Although it can get annoying waiting for imo seeing as I’m all about super fast farming. Gold you may lose out but it’s not that bad since you’d have lots of gold if you decided imps anyway.


yes, imps are not for Toons who race through a map, they would barely be getting started on converting items, when you finish the map and go to the next one. they are more for those who want extra legends for dust or converting to crystals.


Yeah. I rush through the map and farm floors around 3-5 minutes each .


i’m using this now too. :slight_smile:


My imp needs a kick up the backside. He is way too slow


I read in the forums the imp used to be even slower, so the imp is actually faster now than before. :astonished:


Yep that is correct. Old imp was God awful but the imp you have now is nice. Imp speed was around since a year or so.ago and that’s good. Imp awesome when you like it.