Help with items (poison storm farm) xD

hi guys, help me to make a normal “poison storm build farm”, advise which items you need to farm. It is clear that I just can’t buy the crystal items . Advise things that need to be crafted that you want to wear, affix . Thanks in advance, the game is very interesting but I think that dust is VERY difficult to farm

Dust isn’t so hard to get, but first you need that farm build. As far as poison farm build, that’s outta my league


Similar to the dank wizzard build xD but hella noobified to items/crafts you can ACTUALLY obtain.
I’m actually attempting to do the same type of build-ish atm. And I can’t get anywhere close to any other builds people have made guides for. Y’all hack, js…

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Rofl. I dunno. I don’t read other people’s character build guides. I also play a somewhat underused farm character. Whirlwind warr

If your a new player, your goal is get to flr 200 asap. Good setup legends without changes in affixes:
MH Plague wand
OH Plague book w/ bonus storm dmg*
BD Druid ignore resist is appriciated
HD Adventure for mspd
RG Satyr Pickup radius
NL Satyr or Druid for its bonus.

This what I have when i was new. And just reroll affixes to gold/luck and aim for Storm 40. I just posted a build for Storm farm recently, check it out if yout want :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m currently mid 90’s; ascended twice already. I have a random mash of equipment for a character. Note; 100% FTP Sprint, sprint, potion build. :joy:

yeah dude, I saw your build it’s VERY COOL, but very expensive (
Well I’ll try what you advised me, I wanted to say that I also have nadroji amulet

Great for you! I was forced to buy Nadroji Amulet because I havent got it when i was on flr 600 arghhh!

Anways just keep it for now, and roll gold/luck/storm affix. Storm is a good offensive/defensive skill due to high hit frequency and knockback. If they die before getting pushed outside aoe radius that would be best. If not then you have more breathing room to move around.

well, I would like to know what craft you have 1 subject , and of what, for example stick ? some of the legends, etc.

When I was new, i was forced to use what i get. You get low level weapons when your on lowers flr, like level 40 weapon on flr 40. And you can use weapons with levels twice your character, eg lvl 100 wand for lvl 50 character. Thats why its best to rush lvl 100+ since it drops high level gears. Just switch according to your needs like right elements for that floor.

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Yep. I mean that’s kinda what you have to do , until you can afford many crystals to crystal craft.

the fastest way to get legends, from my experience, is to have an imp for a pet, set it to legend + for pick ups, and you will end up with a lot of legends to turn into dust. if you don’t have a lot of gold find affix, you will run out of gold.
I ended up using the random drops I got to learn how to craft items, and between random drops and the DQ Forums, I got some good ideas to help me farm and melt monsters.
I decided to focus on Ascending for experience, and after I get the sixth Perk, I’ll focus on a good farming build to get the loot I need to make good gears. I tried doing it all at once, and didn’t get very far, so taking it in stages is helping me.

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Hmm… I’ve never used imps. But it’s fairly common for me to run a packsize map and pull 4-8 legends per character … main and hireling. Often with an eternal or crystal or two.

I might have to try an imp… see how much more gains I can make

Yo, I totally feel your pain. Been trying to farm, clear floors, craft, and read forums.

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I found out the bad side of using the imp this way is that you have no items to sell for gold, you rely on gold you pick up. this was back when Dust first came out, and I was so focused on the Dust, didn’t really pay attention to my gold melting away. if you have a high item drop rate, that helps your imp convert items into more legends. I know imps can drop crystal legends, rarely, and I think I saw my imp drop an Eternal once, but I am not sure, it has been awhile.
it might be best to use an imp as part of a farm build. when I get the chance, I am going to try it out.
imp for a legend focus farm build, and a hound for a gold focus farm build.

Didnt know that Imp trick. But not being able to pick and sell loot from normal to epic gear will make me lose 1m-2m per run. Maybe I’ll do it if I have a billion gold xD

You will probably lose more than you gain. Like buying all Vendor equips for a chance of legend loot. Sometimes it does, some wont. Making loss for little to no gain

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Lol … right :slight_smile: i like my gold too

if you use an imp, just use it for as long as you want to get dust, then go back to your regular pet. I love the imp, but I haven’t used it since I started my Ascension, as I need gold to Ascend and for crafting. the imp is like a specialized gear, strong for what it can do, but weak if you want it to do something it can’t.

Are you talking about crystal items, and mythical craft of the legends ? And whether to craft crystal items from legends ?
By the way, I was wondering where to farm obsidian and the other high the crystals ? I have now 280flr dropped the crystal to the legendary affix

Legend, crystal, and eternals.

Its really hard to gain eternal and crystal gear without Eternalize/Crystalize set. Which can be drop art flr 350. But having it makes ALOT of difference in the long run. Like i tend to get eternal/crystal gear within 1-3 runs from Pack size maps. If Im lucky I get 3-5 of it in one run.

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