Help with my aftermath aka chicken little build

Ok this will take a few posts so please don’t respond till I post finished

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Sorry for the double pic post. This is my hirelings gear. Stats next please hold

Ok now for my crystals and mythstones so you know what I have to work with

This is my farming stats for my main right now. I know it’s not the best but it works good for me

Ok that’s everything. I have one more pic but I have to get that in a few and add it here please any pointers will help. I should say that my wiz can do up to 150 something mil with the curent setup. I’m looking for any advice to raise my dps and get more mana possibly.

Ok final pic I got this yesterday and tried to make it work with the aftermath build. So far I’m having trouble using it because of the mana cost. Any help is greatly valued

@Griffin012 What are your thoughts o great build builder

Try getting +2 all set. Also try to get frozen and permafrost set affixs

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I will try that thank you. Any idea how I could implement the amulet?

what is the goal of the build? farming? floor hiking? spamming meteors? I need to know before I can really help much :smile:

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We’ll my wizard is my hireling so his goal is to spam meteor via the .5 second cool down. He can hike me thru ep8 easily all I have to do is revive him now and then. My rouge with perma stealth is my main with farming skills. So any thoughts?

so essentially you want him too kill stuff for your main while farming?


do you have a rogue ragnarok?

I think I may.

ok then jasper it too wizard switch your weapon out for it and make it the exact same except with 100% weapon damage and defiant. Remove either focus or empower from the hat and put aftermath on it then switch one of the instances of +5000 ice damage into the one you removed (I’m assuming you want too keep the aftermath bonus because super powerful meteors are fun) and that would be what I suggest too start I have a bunch more suggestions for once you have more crystals at your disposal but that will already take a good chunk of your crystals and I would suggest waiting till you have like 4-5 amethyst too make the changes if you decide too make them :smile:

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I don’t have ragnarok lol I’m off to farm for it lol.

I wish you luck!

I swaped out for this amulet. SO much better

Where’s the insta-kill amulet? That’s a necessity.

What insta-kill amulet @skaul