Help with my BA

Idk if i shud be doing this but i need your opinion. What shud i do with my pvp build? Things i need to work and not, add/remove.

I am enjoying my battle arena by just jumping around while spamming my OH Special ‘Scalp’. So yeah, any suggestion, opinions, or just anything will be very much appreciated. I am stuck on 1600 HAHAH huhu

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Although I’m PVP illiterate, the obvious, which you already know, is you have two inactive bonus slots. Too bad they can’t be removed with Kyanite.

Its activated in battle arena.


Bonus automatically activates in battle arena? Forgive the ignorance, my PVE experience is 10,000+ hours, while PVP is probably less than 1 hour. :laughing:

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HAHAH. Its no worries PVE smaster xD. But these bonuses requirement are also “maybe” scaled down as well

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bonus requirements are lowered in PVP. for Set requirements, 2 Sets is 1 in PVP, and 3 Sets is 2.

with Bloodmagic, I guess you put all Stat Points in either Health or Mana, so I would change +200% WD to +5000 Weapon Dmg, and change the Endow to +5000 Poison.

it looks like Endow has been changed from +50% WD to +50% Dmg to Weapons Base Damage. in PVP that is 50 x 0.3 = +15%.

Chakram Base Damage is 60. at level 20 -

60 x (1 + (20 x 0.25)) x max (1, 20/20) =
60 x (1 + 5) x max (1, 1) =
60 x 6 x 1 =
360 x 1.15 (Endow +15% for PVP) =
(414 + 375 (from Power Stat)) x (1.25 (max Item Quality)) x (1.5 (Legend WD% in PVP, I think, may be a little lower)) =
789 x 1.25 x 1.5 =

with +5000 WD and no +200% WD -
(789 x 1.25) + 1040 (WD+ in PVP) =

since Scalp is OH, make the +5000 WD +5000 Poison instead. this way you get better damage for both OH & MH.

basically the Endow is only giving you +54 Dmg before the +50% Legend WD. if you go to +5k Poison & 5k Weapon Dmg the 2026.25 would be around 3020 instead, so about double the Endow and Legend +200% for MH Dmg, and that doesn’t count the +4000% Poison you have on the other Items. the WD+ wont help your OH Scalp, but the +5000 Poison will.

when you get the crystals, max out any affixes that aren’t maxed.

hope this helps and sorry for all the math…


No no. Those are all great. Thanks man! So, ill try gettinf an eternal chakram to my basic attack. Also,

How about my armor? Shud i go rupture? Or stay sureshot.
Is rupture dmg reduced in BA?

with a Bleed build, go with Ruptured. Sureshot only works when enemy is at max HP.

I am not sure if Mythic affixes are lowered in PVP, I never thought to check. I did a search, but it was fast and I didn’t find any info about it.