Help with my ring

This is the first item i made and now the mitic afix dont work :frowning: i convert the ring or keep it?Cuz i dont have more obsidian :frowning:

what do you mean dont work the mythic affix (Effective).
Effective almost the same as ignore resist affix.

About the Obsidian do you mean you put a wrong affix on it?

well that’s fine just keep your right you might use it in your future build.

Well ignore resist replace efective and i dont want one afix that does nothing in my build but i dont wanna convert the ring cuz i dont have more obsidians to make other xD
Anyway…What are the best mitic afix for rings on a rogue? Sorry for my bad english :'v

So, just remove Ignore Resist. :smile:

Ignore resist and mythic 'effective ’ have different formulas so it should work together.

I put unity in my ring :smile:

No, I dont think so, Because when you put the affix ignore resist whit effective, in game the word efective doesnt appears anymore :confused:

Ignore Resist does what it states: ignores resists.
Effective simply renders all of your attacks effective, therefore giving you a damage boost (25%, I believe).

They do work together, though I’m not sure how practical they are combined.