Help with my warrior build

hi there!!
just started playing recently,and im hoping if you guys can give me a great insight or idea abouth what gear set to choose,and what affix stats to get and what build,i want to create my permanent mythics set now but i dont want to make many mistake,so your opinion is highly appreciated.
I want a decent dps/tank build but having a problem recently assending higher floor,
heres my first gears made out of a whim check it and tell me what should i change

You should definitely add elixer mythstone on your ring and necklace. And also put set affix on other items.

Get 100% ed and 100% elemcrit.

should i remove some of my skill proc? what set affix pits my build most? does my mythical set skill is good enough? sorry for so many questions.

@PaNgaHazZz in elixir what does +2 all set means?sorry in newb

It means your set affixes (green ones) will be like having +2. So, if you have Equality (1), with a All Sets +2 (Elixer) or Sets Number +2 (Nadroji or Haunting Amulet, forgot their name), you will have Equality (3) instead Equality (1).

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@luisfsk thank you for the explaination… last question!! what mythic sets is best for axe type like me and its skill affix?

CosmicOrb is a good proc mythic for more damage, but if you don’t like procing too much, you can use a resource system, if you already haven’t one. I don’t know your full build, but I can suggest Energy, Bloodmagic or even Fury.
I didn’t get your question about skill affix.