Help with Pet Farm build

Someone have an ideea for i make a build for rogue exclusive for pet farm?

Huh? Wut?

Legend pets can be used in any class. There’s no class exclusive pets really and the sets can be used for any class builds.

The better question is , what rogue build do you want to build? What’s your build like so we can criticize to improve it as feedback?

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arrow/flintok doesen t matter with nadroji and eternalized and max luck .full set of farming eternal pet

One does not farm Eternal Pets… one merely farms Eternal Pet Feats. :joy:

  • obi wan kenobi


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enslavers show up randomly in the maps. when they show up and you defeat them, they drop a random pet. after defeating 200 enslavers, it will drop a legend pet. there are 3 new enslaver feats at higher floors that when you finish them, will drop an Eternal pet. if you get the monster drop potion from the shop (for 1 hour) or the monster drop potion from the orb feat (for 5 minutes), it will guarantee an enslaver and cartographer on your maps for the duration of the potion. you can also buy random pets from the shop for $0.99 cents.
there have been some posts about increasing luck to help get better pets, or using Nadroji or Eternalized sets to increase your chances, but no one is sure if any of this works. basically you just need to farm really hard until you get the pet you are looking for.
as for a rogue exclusive for pet farming, as long as your rogue can defeat the enslaver, you are doing good.