Help with statuses do not know how to put them

Hi, I can not put the adds, barbarian, balance, and set numbers

Barbarian, Balance, and +Set Numbers can’t be rolled with Ruby, they are only found on Legend items. there is an Ultra Rare Myth Stone that can put +Set Numbers on your Ring and Necklace, but you will probably find a Nadroji Ring and Necklace first. they have +Set Numbers on them.


look for Masochism Set. there’s a Barbarian legend affix on that set. i think on Helmet. and Balance legend affix. the infamous Divination Amulet has Balance, and some other set/gears has Balance legend affix. these legend affix cannot be obtained nor craft via Ruby. only drop/loot as @Golem said.


If you a perfect infamous divination (ie level 100 and max quality) then you get flagged as a cheater. For example 4 to torrent can become 6 in pvp. I wish i hadnt traded so many eternal items for gems before testing them

Im definately going to level my eternal pets in terms of level and quality now with rescue pets from enslaver. Capturing the released pet improves pet quality maybe ?

I haven’t seen a Pets Quality improve at all, but I think it (the Quality) affects how fast you can improve affixes as it levels up and when you complete the Enslaver Feat.


@MarcosXD just craft in the codex and you can have it…