Help with the build again

How I can improve my build?
Except pet with elements

Farm Build or Floor Climbing or Ascending Build? Is this the Hireling?

Farm + floor climbing , already have 4 passive for farm (ascending)

hmm, how about change +5000 Poison to +5000 Weapon Damage on your MH. the +5000 WD will be multiplied by all of your ED% (for MH), while the +5000 ED isn’t. unless you want the +5000 ED for both weapons…

Mutilate Talent doesn’t work on Whirling Blades unless you are using Discordance Mythic and have at least one Multi Attack or Extra Attack Chance. from what I see on your Build, Celerity Talent is the only useful Chest Talent, and can only be used with Boomerang.

if you’re not going to activate the Nadroji Bonus, it would be better to find a different Chest Item with a +100% Poison. this way, you get an extra space for a useful affix.

it would be better to have 2 Items with +100% Poison. this way, you can get rid of both of the +20% Poison, and replace one of them with a different affix. +200 ED is better than +140% ED, and you get an extra space for some other affix.

eventually, adding Plagued Set will really help your Poison DoT.

since you’re using whirling blades, there’re a few things i would mention to add:

obviously the heroic, it caps at +40 with gear affixes
both legend +200% wd and epic +5000 wd on the main hand
fury resource system -chakram gives lots of fury, and whirling blades benefits a lot
blind side skill from the hat caps at +40 with gear affixes
living force for SURE! it increases the return damage of all chakram attacks
and of course, glass cannon and push the limit (i dont recommend barbarian with fury)
in my case, i used ice element with frozen to kill high tier enemies
and lastly, you could consider some bleed chance & damage

as for survival,
i’d change the robe for indra’s boon for +45% block
possibly add a crystal +45% block to the off hand
and add sanctuary to the amulet

gl farming, gamer

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