How to find VIOLET ITEMS AND CYAN ITEMS. I cant find any :frowning: My hero is a warrior. Thanks in advance. Filipino Gamer here.

Cyan items drop incredibly rarely when you get a legend while violet ones can only be crafted :slight_smile::+1:

How to craft sir?

if an item has 4 empty sockets you can put specific mythstones into it to craft a mythic affix which will turn it purple here’s a link to a post with the list :smile: Griffin’s Smithery: Mythics

Thank you verumy much for helping :slight_smile:

:+1: always glad to

Nah eternal(green) items are more than powerfull than mythics item(violet) trust me i already build mythics once but they did not powerful enough to get to eternal leagues so i tried eternal items its better.Filipino gamer too.

It depends dude the most powerful players use mythic and crystal items in pvp rarely eternal.

That’s pretty much true. It’s because you have the freedom to change or remove affixes on Mythics or Crystal Legends as well.

Also the powerful players tend to really study hard for affix combos which is based on experience . It tends to be far more powerful and a higher chance at reaching full potential when you have mythics or Crystal legends to add affixes onto due to said freedom.

However it is getting more and more easier each time to try and make a build out of an Eternal Legend. Eternals with Crystal affixes and just the right amount of affixes can definitely be quite a bit part to a build and sometimes a core part of a build depending on the Eternal.

This is also true if the Eternal is Fabled Weapon and Unreal Hood because you can add mythics on it and the epic affixes, provided some luck.
Also even without crystal Affixes, if the eternal is just right, it can be very powerful with the build based around it as the epic affixes can be similar power to crystal Affixes or in PvP, be the same power/ close to the same power as crystal affixes.

Obviously Eternal pets apply too if you have any.

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