Yes u can, here for more info


Thanks bro! I wasted 15 amethyst fuck my luck

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know how you feel. :game_die: x 100 = :zero: sometimes :sob:. RNG can be so unfair :laughing:!!!

Update : still dont have it im broke srsly maybe the game changes it? Lol

Use it on warrior item… if u use other class item, jasper it to warrior, end try roll again,
I try it when making my war, and that set appear…

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Ok bro thanks

all 3 Classes can roll Living Force on their items, since all Classes have a Ring & Neck item with it. Warrior also has a Living Force Hatchet, Vibro Blade I think. if you haven’t been getting it, it probably means RNG is playing Cat & Mouse with you. :cat2: :crossed_swords: :mouse2: or maybe hide & seek.

Hey can someone answer me? What does double mitigate means?

Read here

Double mitigate and double strike


Thanks bro! One last question does living force have effect on guided shot?

Be carefull with living force. It can reduce range of attack.

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this is a list of what Living Force can affect. hope this helps with future builds.

Living force may be good with scalp possibley

I used Living Force for a little while in my early days and I really like it. with the right Build, it can help do crazy high DMG. a Warrior with Taunt, then use Scalp with Living Force, tons of DMG!. with Arcane Element & Elemental Crit + Arcane ED% + Celestial, you can add Orbit for even more tons of DMG!!. Orbit is affected by Living Force also.

@dickwad, if you remember some of your Proc Builds, a Living Force Proc Build could do some crazy DMG with the right Projectile Procs.

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Living force with a cosmi orb chakram may be good. Wouldn’t know as I’m a Summoner.

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I don’t think any of your Summon Builds would have room for Living Force & Cosmic Orb, unless you did a lot of tweaking.

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But then I would be reliant on legend summon fury procs. Tried it. :sweat_smile:

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What if I stacked summon fury procs with apocalypse ? It would not increase the number of furies. Just the frequency

well, I was just thinking how the Classes & Skills are so different, that there are a lot of different Element/Skill/Class/Affix combinations based of what kind of Build you are attempting. Living Force with 1 Skill, multiple Skills, same Class, Other Class, or multi Class Skills, is LF the core of the Build or support for the core of the Build. Arcane Element to make use of Orbit? room for Rock Blast or Cosmic Orb?

Furies from Fury Proc are different from the Furies from Apocalypse Mythic, so they add up. hmm, 3 Summons with 3 Furies with 3 Apocalypse kind of looks scary. but Fury Proc is 10%, so would take time to get them in Arena unless very lucky or have a skill with high AS or CD.