So , this is my build on my rogue. This is also my first time creating a build that has 2 elements which is fire ( crushing flames ) and ice ( frozen ) but im still confused on what element a gear should have like should i make a gear that has an elemental critical fire or ice?

The problems im having on this build is that whenever the mobs ( rare , epic , legend , and mythic rarity mobs ) no longer has an hp bar , it took me like 5 minutes or more than that to kill them. I even throw like 20 orbs , still not dead. I did change the element of my chakram to ice and the rest ( except pet ) are fire , and ice element for 2 gears and the rest are fire , still wont kill them. The only trick to kill those high rarity mobs is to make them close to some mobs then throw an orb then explode but that only happens sometimes. The crushing blow did deals billion dmg in floor 1k which is actually good ( for me , i guess ) but when it comes to high rarity mobs , well :v. So i need help on what affixes i should add like more ED% , PTL , Barbarian , or change on some set affixes

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Crushing blow deals less damage the higher the rarity of the mob is


Continuity & Infusion on Eternal Pet are not being used by your Rogue, so wasted space.

you also need two +5 all Skill on each of your Weapons so you have Orb 10. this will mean +50% more damage from the Orb and an extra attack per second and a bigger AoE, but the distance it travels is reduced by 25%.

Stealth has a long cooldown, so you end up waiting all the time to cast it for the Mirror Image. since your Talents are already geared towards Mirror Image, switch your Stealth to Mirror Image. you will get lots more Images.

taking off the +10 Stealth and +5000 WD, and moving that Glasscannon to another Item, will open space for those Myth Stones for +5 All Skills.

for Crushing Blow, it has a chance to do 25% of the enemies current HP% in damage. each tier of enemy you multiply the 25% by another 25% (0.25 x 0.25 for Magic, 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.25 for Rare, and so on).

with Crushing Flames, that means CF (6) is instant kill for Normal monsters, but even with CF (8), you can’t instant kill Magic+ monsters, but you are doing more damage with Crushing Blow/Flames (as long as the enemy is affected by Immolate. if the enemy isn’t affected by Immolate, then they are only taking the normal damage of Crushing Blow).


Thank you for replying! Looks like i still need to read more about crushing blow , cf , and etc.

Actually, about the pet , i only use it for the trickster set affix because i accidentally salvage the legend version of it :sweat_smile:.

Oh and as for the set affixes , should i replace it with set affixes that multiplies dmg or stay like that? I was thinking on switching to frozen because yeah , i have to admit that cf + demonic deals billion dmg but when it comes to high rarity mobs , its taking me minutes to kill them or is there something i did wrong in my build? Should i get that execute dmg affix from demonic , electrocution , and mercenary gears ? Would that be a good idea?


if you salvage Legend+ Items for Dust, you can use the Dust to get Legend & Eternal Items from the LegendEx. this is for when you need an Item NOW and can’t wait to get it farming.

NOTHING increases the damage of Crushing Blow except for Crushing Flames.

you should do a Search :mag: on CF/Frozen Builds to get an idea of what is possible, and see if any of your ideas can do as good as the others.

now, I have tried using Frozen, but my play style doesn’t work well with that Set, or maybe it is my mind set. maybe switch Frozen with some other Set that can give damage, like Pathfinder (if you have +50% Dodge or better), and Execute is a good idea with Demonic.

Electrocution means having Shock on one of your weapons or going Prismatic/Ascendant.

Mercenary only works with Swords, and I don’t know if Rogue Dagger is considered a Sword.